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Monday, December 04, 2006

One of 'those' days

It's been one of those days when nothing I set out to do managed to get done. I had great plans of working this afternoon after my yoga class but it was not to be. Instead we took one dog out for her hair 'do' and then went for groceries. I hate grocery shopping. I really, really hate grocery shopping. Really!

However, on a bright note, our curtain rods are up and the new curtains are hung, thanks to #1son and DH's efforts yesterday afternoon. I have to revamp the curtains somewhat because the sleeve the rod goes through is a bit too small to operate smoothly. Don't anybody suggest we change rods because I happen to love these and they are there! Right now the furniture and carpet in the dining room are drying from being cleaned. It's all good.

Now I'm going to play around with my prototype for the Christmas ornaments. Keep your fingers crossed that it works!

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