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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Final journal pages and cab card find

The above photo is of the final two pages I did on the journal (clickable so you can englarge).

Below is a photo of the cabinet card I bought this morning at an antique shop. I fell in like with her - she looks so sweet and innocent. At some point she will be featured in a piece of art. I really wish I was independently wealthy because I would have picked up a whole bunch of these (at $5 each, they are a bit pricey). It's such a total shame that people get rid of them...nameless, dateless and unloved. So sad. Makes me doubly sure that being meticulous about putting names and dates on each and every picture I have is so important.

There was a gorgeous old photo album, chock full of these cab cards, for sale ($95) names on any of them. Really wish I could have afforded to give it a home!


FredaB said...

Oh MA that little girl is so precious. I couldn't have passed her up either. That is why I bought the old album last winter. $35.00 for the lovely album plus all the pictures. Couldn't pass it by.

Will lok forward to seeing her again some day in one of your works. It is funny seeing pearls on a child.pripanth

FredaB said...

Don't know who put the words in after a child - gremlins at work.

dogonart said...

Thanks FredaB for explaining extra word - I was trying to figure it out, thinking 2 new words for me this week. Love those old photos too MA, but $95 for an album does seem a bit steep. That little girl is so pretty.