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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tired of these yet?

Here's another of the squares I'll be using in my quilt. This one still needs quite a bit of work to finish it, but I like it because it's blue (one of my other favourite colours!).

Had a fun day today, despite the weather - which is horrible. Extremely windy and cold with snow 'showers' throughout the day. Brrrr. Even the house is cold tonight. Anyway, I got off-topic there. I had started to tell you that we had our monthly meeting of CQTeers here today and did our usual bring-n-brag session, ate chocolate, and Sue taught us how to make really cute snowflakes and flowers using paper punches and mulberry paper. Hope to have a picture to show you tomorrow.

My friend Doreen over at has been playing with used tea bags, which is going to be my next 'have-to-try' project. We rarely drink black tea anymore (prefer green tea) so I might just have to break down and *cook* some tea bags just to use for art! However, in the interest of being thrifty, I'll save the liquid and use it to dye some fabric.


Doreen G said...

You need to take a plastic bag with you when you go to all the meetings and groups that you attend -then they will think you are weird as well as clever.

Spokane Gal said...

Mary Ann,

These squares are wonderful. I love the stitching.

susan in spokane