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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The last one, mail and gifts

This is the last of the postcards I made and sent to unsuspecting victims over the holiday season...

I meant to post a picture of a wee surprise that arrived in my mail a week or so ago.  This beautiful ATC was a very unexpected gift and I thought you might like to see it...

The mail yesterday had another sweet little surprise from my friend Sherry.  She is an amazing tatter and she sent me this beautiful Christmas wreath...
Isn't it gorgeous?
Thank you Sherry!!

And - to add to the gifts I received....yesterday I had lunch with a very long-time friend and she gifted me with these...

Only another quilter truly 'gets' what makes up THE best gift - and she knew I had been searching for fabrics for my barns.  Aren't these perfect?? AND she also gave me the adorable scrubby and the most incredible scented hand sanitizer.  Methinks I'm spoiled!  Thank you MEK (oh yes - and there was a tin of homemade goodies too!).  

Today the quote is from Larry Wilde..."Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree.  In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall"


  1. Very nice surprise gifts! They are the best. More neat links. The crochet cap reminds me of the 60's. I'm not a hat person either. My sister knit and felted several for me so if i NEED ONE FOR THE COLD, THESE ARE THE ONES i WEAR. Hit the caps button and I'm not fixing it. GRIN!!

  2. Your gifts are beautiful. Especially the tatted wreath.
    This the season!
    Thanks for the tips, Mary Ann.

  3. Another beautiful card Mary Anne.... I think this one is my favourite! You have been a lucky girl being treated with all those fabulous gifts! Have a wonderful Christmas! Christine xx

  4. What an eye-catching post this is. The CQ postcard is adorable, the ATC and tatted wreath are lovely too.
    The fabrics were definitely yelling 'Use me, use me' and I knew for sure barns were what they were meant for. Great choices by your friends.

  5. hahaha... pretty funny Magpie....sending them to 'unsuspecting victims'... they probably thought they were very 'lucky recipients' !

    Merry Christmas to you and yours

    hugs from freezing cold is -30C this out to put more water in the heated birdie bath and top up the seeds.... but, the sun is have to be thankful...

  6. Another adorable postcard and so many wonderful goodies in the mail! I am so happy to see you being spoiled!

  7. Your postcards are beautiful!! How do you finish the backs of them? I made one but wasn't happy with the back.


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