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Friday, December 15, 2017

And....another one....

This is another of the postcards.

Remember the other day when I showed you a picture of our 'Kibbles 'N Bits' (aka Nuts and Bolts)?  I've had a couple of people wonder why/how here at Chez Magpie they have earned that name.  It came from a tv ad for dog food by the same name.  We absolutely loved the ad and for some reason the name seemed to work for the recipe.  I found the ad and if you'd like to see it, have a look....   If you watch it closely you can see the dog food.  See the resemblance??? 

- THIS is an amazing tea cozy pattern (you'll need to use the 'translate' feature).

- THIS is one of those things that you probably wouldn't be able to make in time for Christmas, but it's something that makes you say 'awwwww' right out loud.

- There are fun possibilities in THIS gift idea - and the recipes are there too!  You could add one of THESE to this gift.

- If you're searching for a really nice table centerpiece for the Christmas season, there's an easy how-to HERE.  

- For those of us with an over-abundance of buttons in our stash, perhaps making a few of THESE would be just the thing.

- Or maybe THIS would be a cute little gift for a knitter.

- Although you would have to buy a couple of the supplies for THIS - it's something your kids would get an amazing amount of fun from, particularly when they're at loose ends over the Christmas holiday.  

- Personally, lavender makes me sneeze so I can't be around it (despite loving the scent), but perhaps you might find some of the gift ideas HERE of interest.

Instead of a quote today, I thought I'd share this...


  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Hi Mary Anne lovely postcard and your quote made me laugh xx

  2. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Hi Mary Anne lovely postcard and your quote made me laugh xx

  3. Another beauty! That tea cozy IS adorable but no way I'd tackle that haha! Too bad about the lavender - that's my favorite scent! Lots of great ideas to use the lavender I harvested this summer. Thanks again for all of the great links!

  4. Your postcards are truly delightful, my friend! Thank you for giving us a peek at another beautiful creation.

    Happy weekend! Hugs!

  5. Oh how I adore this most whimsical tea cozy. I would love to have this red fur trimmed sweater in my size of course. Your amazing postcards with such lovely and detailed Crazy Quilted seam treatments are true treasures dear. Merry Christmas Magic is Everywhere...<3

  6. Wonderful stitching, Mary Anne, and I especially love the beaded Christmas wreath.
    Sweet teacosie, dinky basket, and I needed an idea for lavender sachets ..... love the muslin sachets!
    Hugs, Barbara xx

  7. Singing in the choir! I love the lavender and the ideas for it.

  8. I am in awe of all your beautiful Christmas cards, Mary Anne. Each one is exquisite in detail. You truly are a beautiful soul.

  9. Great stitching. My postcard is on my bookshelf. Love the tea cozy - so colourful! Thanks for more great links.


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