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Monday, December 18, 2017

Another postcard, a rant, and something new

Another of the postcards.  Sorry that the quality of the photos is dismal - obviously I took the pictures on a day the sun was in hiding.   You can get the general idea though.


Many of you will remember my -itching awhile ago about my new sewing machine (due to the unfortunate accident that befell my oh-so-beloved Janome) and the ensuing 'fix' from the shop (for the new machine, not my Janome, unfortunately).  Over the weekend I started creating a new barn landscape which requires the use of a zig zag stitch and (fingers crossed) invisible thread.  Well, all I have to say is, under NO circumstances, ever consider buying a Bernette 20 sewing machine.  No matter what I do it will not cooperate.  I have tried every single tension setting.....I have tried every single suggestion that came from my loyal readers (and several more I found elsewhere online).....I purchased a fancy metal 'holder' that ensures that the thread feeds correctly off the spool into the sewing machine.....I even went so far as to use the suggestion of taping a safety pin to the side of my machine and running the thread through that for additional tension.  Hah.  My machine continues to thumb its nose and I'm certain I can hear it saying 'gotcha again'.  The words I'M saying are definitely not so nice!!  In a perfect world Santa would come out of the woodwork and there would be a new Janome under the tree this year, but alas poor Santa hasn't won the lottery lately.  So....I guess I'm in for a ton of hand stitching.

****** Updated to add:  Guess what?  I just checked the online shop for the store I got it from....and they don't carry Bernettes any more.  I wonder why THAT would be!!!!!! ***********


Now that you have read through the rant (or perhaps skipped right over it, for which I wouldn't blame you!), how about a picture of the beginnings of the next barn landscape?

 Your quote today is from W. J. Cameron..."There has been only one Christmas....the rest are anniversaries"


  1. So sorry for the frustration with your machine. I went through the same thing with my quilting machine. I got hold of the manufacture finally and they helped me to straighten everything out. Have you tried that?
    Thanks for the tutorial on the tea towel holders been looking for a good one.
    You and your have a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year too.

  2. This card looks beautiful in real life. =) I am so sorry for you that your Bernette doesn't do what it wants you to do; how positively frustrating. Wish oh wish you could get it sorted.

  3. Hi Mary Anne!
    More wonderful stitching! I love seeing your stitches, and the sweet pictures that you found for them!
    Sorry to hear about your sewing machine troubles, hope you do manage to get it sorted soon.
    Great start on the barn picture!
    Barbara xx

  4. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Hi Mary Anne oh i am so sorry to hear about your new machine,how frustrating for you.
    I have heard some machines dont like certain brands of thread ,have you tried maybe a different brand ,i am sorry you are probably sick of advice.
    I love your postcard they are so pretty and your barnscape is looking fantastic,well done my friend xx

  5. Sorry about your machine! I use Sulky invisible thread in my machines. And I do use sewer's aid to put on the thread. I like the knitted snowman for the bowl. In fact, I've printed it out. Might give it a try. Barn looks good too.

  6. That new barn landscape looks done to my eye. Lovely clear colors,good color contrast and harmony.

  7. I keep forgetting to tell you how beautiful your Banner CQ Nativity Scene is. XO. Sweet little Snowman CQ postcard. I adore Hedwig Owl. Merry Christmas Sweet Mary Anne...xo

  8. How frustrating for you MA not to be able to sort the invisible thread.
    Your gorgeous Snowman postcard is quite clear on my monitor. More lovely stitch designs too.
    Love the barn, which already looks like it's quite settled there.

  9. Hi MA
    The barn looks great and the grasses in the foreground is perfectly done. After agonizing over past grasses, you must be super satisfied with how this barn is going!
    Merry Christmas
    xx, Carol

  10. That’s a great “start” to your next barn picture. I can’t wait to see what else you’re going to add! xo

  11. Frosty the snowman! He looks great. Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the machine. Grrr...


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