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Thursday, December 14, 2017

And....another one.......

This is another of the postcards that are now in the hands of the recipients...

In yesterday's comments, Sarah asked how I do my images for my crazy quilts, so I thought I'd answer here so everyone can know.  The images I use come from the internet - just search 'Christmas images - free' (or whatever criteria you like).  Then I save them to my word processing program on the computer and re-size them to suit whatever I'm creating.  You can usually get several images on one page.  

I then choose either a white or off-white fabric with a fine weave (good quality cotton is my preference).  Press it really well to be sure there are absolutely no wrinkles.  Cut a piece of freezer paper (the stuff that butcher's use to wrap meat - waxed on one side) to approx. 10 x 13" and press it onto the fabric.  Re-cut to measure 8 1/2" x 11" and then carefully re-press the edges to be sure they are adhered thoroughly.  Make sure there are no loose threads anywhere.  (Note: you CAN cut your freezer paper to 8 1/2x11" to begin with but in my experience the edges never seem to adhere properly and often catch in the printer).  

At this point I run a 'test' piece of paper through my printer so that I know which way up to place my fabric.  If you're satisfied, load your fabric/freezer paper sandwich and print.  Press really well once again to 'set' the colours as much as possible.  Remove freezer paper and use in your projects.  NOTE:  This process is NOT water proof, so don't use it in anything that you plan to wash.


Today your quote is from Francis of Assisi...."For it is in giving that we receive"


  1. Your postcards would sell like hot cakes in winter. Just gorgeous.

  2. That's a sweet postcard with the little angel looking into the manger.
    Beautiful embroidery too Mary Ann, thanks for the tips.

  3. Your postcards are fantastic!
    Thank you for sharing how you do the photos for them.
    I’ve been wanting to try this for some time ..... I bought special transfer sheets to have a go, then couldn’t decide what to print!
    Now you’ve jogged my memory I may have a go some time! Although I am a little worried they might jam up the printer!
    Barbara xx

  4. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Your postcards are amazing thankyou also for sharing how you print on your fabric,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  5. That's a cool idea for printing images. I also use the silk from Dharma trading (they aren't paying me to say this, i just love dealing with them) which is mounted on paper ready to run through the printer. Transparent images, lovely to layer. I use my own artwork as the images.

    You do need to be sure you're using public domain images, particularly if selling gets into play. I know you give yours as gifts, MA. But in general good to be careful about using images.

  6. Another exquisite CQ postcard you have created dear. Thank you for sharing your printing techniques. Lots of ideas iin your links. I love this quote today. <3

  7. This is such a pretty card. I've seen a few posted on the web after they have been received. The receivers loved getting them. Thanks again for the gifting links. I especailly LOVE the pringle/cookie packaging. I am definitely going to use THAT one.

    I have been visiting The Land Of THe Killer Virus this past week and am catching up today. If you start feeling like you are going to chuck...find the bathroom then the bed. You'll be there for a few days.
    xx, Carol

  8. What a gorgeous postcard! You do such beautiful work. Thank you for sharing your tricks for printing on fabric. I should gather the courage to try it out again sometime. Your quote is perfect! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  9. Another lovely postcard! The picture on this one is very sweet. Thanks for sharing how to make the images.

  10. Thanks for sharing your printing techniques! Your postcard is sweet!

  11. I've been printing on fabric since early 2000, using Bubble jet 2000 to treat the fabric. Since pre-treated yardage is now available so I use that now. Images are permanent with the treated fabric. More great links. thanks


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