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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Another postcard

Here is another of the postcards that winged its way around the world to an unsuspecting recipient...

And, here is another of the things that was created in our kitchen for Christmas giving...

There were three aluminum turkey roasting pans filled with what we call 'Kibbles 'N Bits' (probably better known as Nuts & Bolts).  Our recipe calls for more 'bits' than the traditional one...hence the massive amount it makes!  

This morning when we woke up we were greeted with this...

There was one on either side of the sun (they're called 'sun dogs' - not sure why).  What an amazing framework for the sun! Of course they were much more brilliant in real life. Don't know if you can see the snow piled on the tree branches....we were rather dumped on over the past 24 hours.

Today your quote is from Henry David Thoreau...."The way you spend Christmas is far more important than how much"


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Batten down the hatches!! a sure sign..major weather on it's way!! probably extreme cold..
    Just sayin....

  2. That little knitted penguin is so cute.... I can't knit so it wouldn't be for me though.

    And, gingerbread houses....well, as I mentioned in my post....I am gonna try a real one sometime soon. maybe not til after the actual Christmas day..but, soon....

  3. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Hi Mary Anne lovely post i love your postcard,well done my friend xx

  4. I have never seen Sun Dogs bu they look amazing here. Nice quote to remind us that Christmas is not about commercialization. Merry Christmas Dear and stay warm...<3

  5. We just got a sprinkle of snow after supper. Hope it goes in the morning. Another nice embroidery. Those links are great! I am going to print out the gingerbread houses to do this weekend with Gale. The snowmen are soooo cute. Thanks

  6. Another beautiful card! I have missed visiting your blog Mary Anne, now things are settling down here I am hoping to have more time to catch up again! Christine xx

  7. Your Christmas postcards are so cute! Do you print your own images or do you buy the? Would you be willing to share the source? Thanks!

  8. I love sundogs. Theyre about damp in the upper atmosphere, I think. We see them quite often, not always in cold weather. Now and then even see them on all four sides of the sun. They're fleeting and lovely.

  9. Another wonderful Xmas postcard, MA. Your own stitch designs are so pretty. Seeing this then scrolling down to the kitchen doings, I thought it was a plate of gold sequins and bugle beads... LOL
    The cloud is amazing. Never heard of sundogs.
    The gingerbread house looks good too.

  10. It’s a gorgeous card, Mary Anne! Such a beautiful design!
    And I thought that was a plate of beads and sequins too!
    I hadn’t heard of Kibbles and Bits, but it looks a tasty dish!
    Interesting to see the sundog. Hope it isn’t the forewarning of awful weather for you.
    Barbara xx

  11. Wow Never heard of a sun dog - looks great. The kibble looks good too, we talk about giving kibble to the cat - their cat food - so that made me smile.

  12. What a beautiful view to wake up to! I had not heard of (nor seen) a Sun Dog before. Gorgeous. As for that pretty snow, I am sending you some warm wishes! Your postcard is lovely and your Kibbles and Bits look quite tasty.


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