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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Yet more - definitely heading towards the Land of Nod here

I know - boring, boring, bo-r-i-n-zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Straight stitches & French Knots

Cross and straight stitches

Straight stitches (black)...or you could use buttonhole
stitch if you wish;  straight stitches (red); Lady Daisies
(blue) and French Knots.

All straight stitches, although you could use
Fly Stitch for the blue stitches

Herringbone stitch (black); straight stitch (green)
cross stitch (orange)

- There's a cute pattern HERE for a hexxie pincushion.

- THIS isn't something I have the patience to create, but isn't he cute?  Or how about a flock of THESE?

Today your quote is, I think, rather fitting about what you experience when you visit my blog.  Definitely snoozeworthy here!

It's from Hal Elrod..."How we start our day determines how we create our life.  Are you snoozing through your morning, snoozing through your life, and snoozing through your unlimited potential?  Or are you committed to waking up each day with passion, purpose, and a plan so you can create the life you truly want and deserve?"

Well, you can definitely say what I do might be snoozeworthy, but at least I have passion about it!! 


  1. Nice work, that's how projects get done, right?
    A little here, some over there, it all adds up!
    Jump starting is an important skill when having to face uncooperative
    often difficult emotions in our own heads!
    I feel like a janitor sometimes, always cleaning and tidying up those
    messy. emotions.

  2. Am I snoozing? Such an interesting thought provoking notion. You my dear are definitely not snoozing with all you accomplish and find to share. Love your seam treatments. So many layers of designs. Lovely Weekend to you as we celebrate Father's Day this Sunday. <3


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