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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

More catch up

Today I'm going to give you a number of seam treatments in an effort to get caught up to where I am with my stitching.  Bear with me!

Blanket stitch (black); lazy daisies (pink); cretan stitch (green)

Straight stitches & cross stitches

Straight stitches, and crossed cross stitches

Straight stitches (black & red); cross stitches (green)

Straight stitches & French knots

All straight stitches

Three rows of Chevron stitches (black); straight stitches (blue)
and lazy daisies (red);  French knots

- There are tons of links HERE to all sorts of tote bags you can make!  And there are links HERE to a myriad of fun summer-y things to make.

It seems that every day the news gets worse and worse.  Today our thoughts go out once again to the people of London.

Today your quote is from Vic Patrice...."Don't let your loss today be the hindrance of your tomorrow" 

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  1. I have felt very sad about this awful fire in London. You rock with your seam treatments.


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