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Monday, June 26, 2017

What's a girl to do??

Yes, what's a girl to do when there are several strikes against her
 and she's weak, oh so weak?

What is she to do when her husband suggests that
a trip to the fabric shop might be a nice thing
to do on a rainy day?

What's she to do when he reminds her that
there are four big boxes of donations
sitting on her side of the bedroom 
floor waiting to be taken to the thrift store
and that the fabric shop is on the way?

What, I ask you, is a girl to do 
when the afore-mentioned fabric shop
just happens to be having a huge
50% off sale??

What is that girl to do when
a beautiful piece of fabric
simply leaps off the shelf and 
into her arms, flatly refusing
to be put down?

What's that girl to do 
when several other pieces of fabric
do the very same thing?

What's a girl to do 
when there's 'No, No' on her lips,
but 'Yes, Yes' in her heart?


This is ONE piece of fabric - with lace already applied!!

- You have to go and look at the latest creations from the very talented Michele Palmer!!  They are absolutely beyond adorable.  Go HERE.

- THIS is one of those things I won't likely ever make but I said 'awwww' right out loud when I saw it.

- Further on the twiddle muffs for dementia patients....when I saw THIS I immediately thought that you could combine a lap quilt and the aspect of a twiddle muff by putting things inside the pocket.

- There's a whole bunch of free patterns HERE, including a really sweet little girls dress.

- THIS will take you to a pdf pattern for a really nice hot mat that will make excellent use of scraps.

- There's a really nice purse organizer pattern HERE.

Today your quote is from Anonymous...."The Dust Bunnies killed my cleaning fairy.  Please pardon the mess while I seek a replacement"


  1. Making a note of fabric sales is like planning holidays. :)

  2. What a pretty fabric! Thank you for the links. I may have to make the purse organizer. My last purse has threadbare handles from being so well loved. One of these would be great in a tote and I keep wanting to learn how to make a zipper pocket. It looks like a fun way to learn. :) I am glad your husband enabled your trip to the fabric store!

  3. That's a beautiful piece of fabric, oh the possibilities!
    I agree, keeping track of sales is fun and profitable.
    Thanks for the tips, that will keep me busy.

  4. A girl is to take home all the fabric that 'jumps' into her arms and cuddle and love it!

  5. Well you are a very good girl and you followed your wonderful loving husband and did just what he sad. You have been beyond frugal for so long that you just had to splurge. Life is too short not to have some fun and new fabrics! I sew enjoy your links with such great ideas. I always love Michelle Palmer's gorgeous pen and ink creations. Summer is here in full triple digit heat!!! I should be in the pool! <3

  6. You could not be cruel to your husband and deny him the pleasure of taking you to the fabric shop. You were rewarded by finding the right fabrics so enjoy them.
    I also like the links you leave and really like the rug with pockets. Umm, on those cold nights this would be great.

  7. Glad you enjoyed your fabric shopping! It's always a pleasure to roam aisles and aisles of fabric. It's even better when the right piece 'jumps' into your arms (GRIN).

  8. I forgot to say how much I adore your new banner! Love It!!! <3

  9. Ha I like that - did you leave with four bags of donations and come back with six bags of fabric?! That one with the lace already on it is wonderful!
    Wren x


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