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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

I'm back - and have another warning too

I hate being the bearer of further bad news concerning computers, but thought I'd tell you the saga of what's happened to my friend.  He has always been quite computer savvy and this story just proves that it can happen to any of us.  He purchased a new computer and of course it came equipped with Windows 10 which he was unfamiliar with.  He ran into several things he didn't comprehend and so did what many of us would do and googled for a solution.  He found a really nice man who offered to guide him through and did so....for awhile.  Then the nice man wanted payment for going any further and instructed my friend to purchase a gift card.  Fortunately the sales clerk in the store was smart and got her manager who then tried to convince my friend that it was a scam.  Of course the nice man was nice and he couldn't possibly be a bad guy...right?  Well, long story made shorter - now my friend is getting threatening phone calls AND the not-so-nice man has complete control of his computer.  Luckily my friend was finally convinced that no money should change hands and at least he has that consolation.  

So folks - be suspicious of everything and be careful!!

Now....back to the regular dose of mumblings....

I had hoped to have a photo of something different to show you today but we've had several days of rain and dull weather so pictures are terrible.  So....guess what?.....more seam treatments...

This one is all straight stitches with French knots (or beads)

Cross stitches (black); straight stitches (blue) and French knots.

Cross & straight stitches.  I added additional cross stitches because I thought it needed it.

- If you have a young person in your life who happens to like Nemo, perhaps you'd like to make them one of THESE.  

- I don't know if you're like me and have never quite figured out how to use the needle threader feature on your sewing I get older and my eye sight isn't what it should be, I find myself wishing I knew how to use it.  Perhaps THIS tutorial might be helpful!

- Most of you know that I used to do a lot of work with recycled denim, so you can understand why I thought THIS might be fun to do.

- There's an interesting post HERE that addresses making your own alcohol inks, mod podge and various other things that you might find useful in your work.

Today's quote is from an anonymous source (some of it is a little dated now, but still good) ...


a memory was something that you lost with age
an application was for employment
a program was a TV show
a cursor used profanity
a keyboard was a piano
a web was a spider's home
a virus was the flu
a CD was a bank account
a hard drive was a long trip on the road
a mouse pad was where a mouse lived
and if you had a 3 1/2 inch floppy...
you just hoped nobody found out.


  1. Love your decorative seam treatments. They are so pretty. Good warning with the computer much of that these days. It's no wonder we are getting more and more paranoid.

  2. Wow, that's quite a story! I hope he can get his computer straightened out. Glad yours is OK too.

  3. Your extra cross stitches are just right. Scammers are very mean people who have no regard for others and the chaos that they cause. I hope your friend recovers. Nemo is just super cute. Denim Hexie covered chairs...FUN! This quote allows me to remember the good old days. Sending you sunshine...<3

  4. Great seam treatments, a similar incident happened to me, but I have a local Geek that I go to and he cleans out my computer of such problems...He reformulated my computer to take off all unnecessary programs installed on it by Toshiba...things that just track you when on the net...
    I am curious, and you can email me, but why do I not find your name anywhere on your blog?

    thanks for visiting my site!!!

  5. I never got the ransomware threat, but I did get a virus that would not let me access my Norton website. I have added Malwarebytes protection since they helped me out of the situation and have kept it safer with both services. I also hate trying to google and use the forums. Usually its old info. I have "restored" back to a previous date a couple of times since I have owned a computer. But it's still all really greek to me. I have a Win 10 laptop, but honestly I use Chrome and do most everything from Google. I actually like google and don't care if they know where I go, lol.

    You have shared more beautiful seams and I thank you for them!
    xx, Carol

  6. I enjoy your seam treatments! I'm glad I have my own personal computer guy!

  7. terrible story about the computer. We have to be so aware and on our guard in so many situations these days. Oh for a much simpler life.


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