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Friday, June 23, 2017

As promised

Today I have something just a little different to share.  As many of you might remember our #2 son and daughter-in-love have started a family photography business ( and at the moment they're searching for appropriate 'props' to have on hand for their baby photo shoots.  I am currently working on creating a number of these little baby headbands that hopefully they'll be able to use.

The one on the upper left is knitted and the rest are all crocheted.  I did each of these designs (with the exception of the knitted one) in several different colours so they have an assortment to choose from.

- If you have lots of corrugated cardboard lying about, perhaps you'd like to try your hand at something like THESE?

- I would love one of THESE for my grandson(s) - but a little pricey don't you think?

- If you have little ones that love Lego in your life perhaps you might want to file THIS idea away for those days in the summer when they're bored.  Or if they're a little older maybe having THIS idea in your arsenal might be fun.

- And for some jaw-dropping embroidery skills have a look HERE (be sure to scroll down!)

It's raining again today - seems like we get some every day and we're beginning to wonder if maybe we're living in a rain forest.  Everything looks so lush and green but I know it's hard on the farmers who need sunlight and heat for many of their crops.  

Today I have another quote from Bob Marley...."Some people feel the rain, others just get wet"  


  1. Those headbands are adorable. I'm sure they will work. Lots more links - the embroidery one is fantastic.

  2. MA, I'm still having some trouble with my email. Love your CQ!! Will email when I can.


  3. Lovely headbands! Wow! That toy car wall art is expensive - but very cool!


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