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Friday, June 09, 2017


Yes, I know - don't you wish I could come up with something more interesting than yet more seam treatments.  What can I say - it's my passion at the moment.  And you get to suffer right along with me!

This one is pretty much straight stitches, with a cross stitch (pink).

More cross and straight stitches

All straight stitches for this one.

Straight stitches (black) and Fly stitches (pink) with some French Knots

- I wish I was a better seamstress and could sew clothing like THIS.

- Sharon Boggon has shared an additional post about preparing for the 2020 Crazy Quilt Challenge - all about organizing her supplies.  Well worth reading, even if you aren't planning to play along.  It's HERE.

Your quote today is from an anonymous source...."It doesn't matter where you're going, it's who you have beside you"


  1. More nice seam treatments! thanks

  2. I love seeing your seam treatments. They are inspiring to me who wishes to sew more. The other day I actually heard my sewing machine, and it was my foot on the pedal.
    The patchwork cloths on the link are fantastic. Thank you!

  3. Your seam treatments are very intricate and yet simple. Lovely and dramatic in black. The person beside us is very important and I am fortunate I have the best in my husband. Lovely Weekend Dear...<3

  4. ha...ha.... so the first one is dancing dolphins to me. I really love your seam treatments actually.

  5. Me thinks great minds think alike, Mary Anne. I pinned this amazing jacket on my Pinterest board ages ago. You give yourself far too little credit re the seamstress stitching. Lovely lady, me thingk you do just fine!! Suffering with delight with your seam treatments. Never tire of them, actually.

  6. "Yawn"? Come on over for a cup of coffee or better yet we'll go on down to the local Starbucks and sit, drink coffee and chat about all things embroidery, that'll wake us up!
    You're stitches are looking good, I'm curious to see the project involved, soon I hope.
    Have a great day.

  7. lol....don't apologise for seam treatments....all you ever see on my blog is bullion knots...
    we do what we do...that's what sets us apart, identifies us.


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