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Friday, June 16, 2017

Maybe you should - sit down, that is!

Would you believe............that this is the last of the seam treatments (for now)!!!  I know - good thing I told you to sit down before I made THAT pronouncement!

Straight stitches (black, orange and green); cross stitches (blue);
French knots

This one is all straight stitches

Straight stitches (black and pink); crossed cross stitches (green)
and French knots

This one is all straight stitches with some 
crossed cross stitches (green).

More straight stitches, with cross stitches (red)

(for now)

- THIS is one of those things that just makes you go 'awwwww'.    And THIS one is also adorable.  THIS one is plainer, but is very cute.  There's another one HERE.  

- If you like jeans as much as I do, how about making the wee one in your life a pair of THESE?

- There are tons of free crazy quilt block patterns HERE.  Some great images too.

Your quote today is from an anonymous source...."If your presence doesn't make an impact your absence won't make a difference"


  1. Wow! That's quite a few seam treatments - nice ones. Cute links.

  2. Congratulations on finishing your black seam treatments. Very sweet knitted cardigans...especially the watermelon one. I love the CQ board and of course Followed it. Sad but true quote today. Keep cool and shady sweet lady...<3

  3. Aw.......when do we get to see them all together?

  4. Another good quote - your work is so beautiful and intricate, you must have amazing eyesight?
    Have a lovely Sunday
    Wren x

  5. Beautiful seam treatments, thank you for sharing the patterns with us! I love what you can do with some black lines and patterns. Reminds me of the beautiful black work or red work embroidery designs I have seen. Wishing you a happy Sunday, xx Wen

  6. There is a work of love, if ever I saw one.
    The colours are enhanced by the black only seams, which in return stand out against each bright colour. I've always liked stained glass work and LOVE yours.
    Beautifully created.


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