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Thursday, June 22, 2017

An entire post filled with ... you guessed it!!

There have been no pictures taken over the past couple of days and I've managed to accumulate quite a list of mumblings, so thought I'd give you a real treat (hee hee) and give 'em to you all at once.  Hopefully there might be pictures of something to show you tomorrow.

-  There are some really pretty patterns videos for crocheted trims HERE, HERE, and HERE.  

- THIS is one of those projects that just makes you say 'awwwww'.   And THIS one too!  And THIS.  

- If you happen to be a Dr. Who fan, have a look at THIS amazing quilt!!  She has included a link to the pattern source in her post.

- And how about THIS for the fans of Wonder Woman?  Or THIS?

- Sharon Boggon has begun the first block on her 2020 challenge project and you can see that HERE.  I would love to take part in this one, but I know myself well enough to know that I'd fall off the proverbial wagon long before I ever got it done.  Attention span of a gnat doesn't help!!

- There is an interesting series of articles giving lots of tips about how to enter your work in shows.  Part One is HERE,  and Part Two can be found HERE.  

- HERE you can find a great tutorial on making fabric postcards. 

- There's a really nice pattern HERE for a lacy scarf/shawl.  

- Mary Corbet has a really fun article on her blog about bead packaging - well worth reading and you can find it HERE.  She also has an interesting post about thread organization HERE.  

Today your quote is from Vic Patrice..."Don't let your loss today be the hindrance of your tomorrow"


  1. Thank you for the links. The Sharon 2020 challenge looks interesting.

  2. Wish I was industrious enough to start the 2020 Challenge but too many other things to do. Lots of great links. I do like the lacy shawl.


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