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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The wonders of my stash

I know I promised to show you more of my project I did for the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design but I'm waiting to get some pictures of it now that it's been framed.  Hopefully I'll have that for you tomorrow (we actually have a wee bit of sun today which is much better for pictures). the meantime.....I've made myself a new purse!  I surprised myself with the fact that I found everything I needed in my stash and didn't have to buy a single thing.  Yay!!  The original pattern is called 'The Gadabout' and is by Studio Kat Designs.  Of course I changed it somewhat and added an additional pocket on the back as well as a recycled jean pocket to hold my keys.  

(btw - if you have a peek at the 'crazy quilt purses' category in my sidebar you can see some crazy quilted versions of this purse that I made earlier).


BACK (showing the additional pockets)

INSIDE - there are more pockets than show in this picture.

Today your quote is from Billy Connelly...."A woman's mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you"


  1. Beautiful new purse Mary Anne and I love the extra pocket on the back! Christine x

  2. LOVE your purse, Mary Anne!! It is so very cool. Love all those jean pockets (a purse can never have too many pockets) and the lining is a great choice. Won't you be oh so chic with that purse hanging from your shoulder when out and about. =) I looked at your links and I must say I have to show my man the fold up craft table. I wonder where I could put it?? I did chuckle at the Billy Connolly quote; how very right he is.

  3. Clever bag with all those pockets - love it. Love the quote too!

  4. Beautiful and useful purse. The thing I like about stitching purses besides being able to design what you need is that you can use any color fabric inside besides black. I never understand why most purses you buy have black lining. I can never find anything in a black lined purse.
    xx, Carol

  5. Great finish on your bag, Mary Ann, the pockets are just the thing for organizing too.

  6. Great purse! Lots of pockets are the key.

  7. Aren't we the fortunate ones who can sew just what we want. Your new purse is super and having lots of pockets is perfect. I do not like a purse that is just a huge "black hole" that my things get lost in. Using what you have in your stash is a bonus of good fortune. Creative Bliss Dear...<3

  8. Very nice bag! And it is really exciting when everything needed for a project is already right to hand, isn't it? I'm having that experience now with knitting, and even with the upcoming garden season - I may need to buy just some seeds and trellis material, but maybe not! I saved some seed from my favorite vegetables last year, so fingers crossed :)

  9. Coool bag! StudioKat gas some great patterns.


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