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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

So far it's been one of THOSE days.  The ones where, as my mother was fond of saying, you would get more accomplished had you stood in bed.  No clue where that expression came from, but it fits.  

I really DID want that cup of coffee that is now sloshing about quite nicely in my keyboard.

' nuff said.

So....on to more seam treatments...

This one is pretty easy and yet looks quite effective.  Straight stitches (black); lazy daisies (green); cross stitches (orange); and beads (blue).  I also added some beads at the ends of the lazy daisies. 

Straight stitches (orange, green, red & black) with some additional cross stitches (black and yellow).  French knots or beads (light green).  

I went searching for a quote that would reflect the having a bad day scenario and what popped up but this one (by an anonymous source)... "Today will be one of those days where even my coffee needs a coffee"   
Yep, 'nuff said.


  1. Um.... is your keyboard toast?!? Punny, I know, but what I meant is ... is it ruined? Yikes! But the seams are lovely! xo

  2. My mom had the same saying! She said 'stayed' in bed instead of 'stood'. Lovely patterns again, as usual. Loved the little baby dress.

  3. Love the stitching ideas, thanks, Mary Anne! Ohhhhh, I can think of a few uses for the i cord pattern! Awwww, how cute! Great ideas, especially the Retro Camper Van chest of drawers.
    Barbara x

  4. It's days like that that help us recognize the really good days!

  5. what i love about these posts are the precious, detailed drawings accompanying the stitching.


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