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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Question and some fillers

First of all, can anyone help me to identify what this sewing machine foot might be called?

Some fillers from the final block...

Today your quote if from Confucious..."He who learns but does not think is lost.  He thinks but does not learn is in great danger"


  1. Sweet new banner you have. I have no idea what foot that is for a sewing machine. Lovely seams and fillers. Happy Stitching Dear.

  2. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Hello Mary Anne, is it a Blind Hem Foot?
    See here:

    Love that quilt.... (shadow block)

    Best wishes - Val (UK)

  3. It looks like some sort of open-toed foot with a built-in seam guide. Is it for a Brother machine? Let me do some checking....

  4. It's a blind hem foot!

  5. I have a foot that looks similar. It is a blind hem/overlock foot. I can't say I've ever used it. Beautiful stitching as always!!!

  6. do you have a Janome machine? If so, it is an edge guide foot. You can see tons of them up close on or the Janome website.

  7. I'm running behind on reading my blog list. Yup, that's a blind hem foot. Haven't used it in a long long...many years...time. I have a lot of feet. I bought a selection when I got my Brother machine. I wanted one certain one and found 30 for a few dollars more than just one. I suppose I'll never use them all, lol.
    xx, CArol

  8. Sorry, I don't recognise the foot. Lovely filler stitches Mary Anne! Have a nice weekend! Christine x


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