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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I think these are the final seam treatments I used on the courtship series of blocks (and I can hear the collective sigh of relief from here!).   

I apologize for the sideways picture here, but you can get the general idea anyway...

This shows a simple feather-stitched vine, accented with some flower sequins and beads.

Blanket stitch (black), straight stitches (orange & green) and either French knots or beads.

Sorry about the out-of-focus on this one!!

 Cross stitches (red) and straight stitches (black)...

Today your quote is another from an unknown author..."I keep my end tables full of needlework and quilting so I don't have to dust them"   (ahem....not, of course that any of US would ever do such a thing!!).  


  1. I cannot for the life of me imagine you filling your table with pretties to prevent your daily dusting regime. =D More pretty seams. Now about the word have enticed me these last months......I am hopeful that the full reveal is but a moment away. I can't wait to see your courtship pretty all together in all its beauty!!

  2. In my house, "dust" is a noun, not a verb ;)

  3. I love the seams you have used! You do such lovely work. Thanks for the links, too!

  4. Woo hooo....well done....beautiful as always!

  5. Really lovely! I especially love the vine and little flowers.

  6. The only sigh you'd hear from me is that there will be no more seams on show.
    You've created lovely designs.
    re your saying... I KNEW there was a reason my dining table holds all my needlework.LOL

  7. How quickly you have completed your Courtship blocks and each one is so very special. The word "Entice" is very interesting. I love your CQ work. Dust? I think I am allergic to dust/ing!!!

  8. you mentioned my name!! Thank you.....the cheque is in the post :)


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