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Monday, May 29, 2017

a couple more, and a small rant

I'll begin with the rant (and feel free to skip down!).  

Sleep is a wonderful thing.  As it becomes rarer at my 'certain' stage of life it becomes precious.  Well, imagine this's before 8 o'clock in the morning....husband and wife happily asleep (and, no doubt, snoring) rings.  Wife leaps out of bed, minus glasses so can't see, snatches phone and with fear in her heart, says hello.  Only to be greeted with a cheery voice wishing me a good morning and sincerely wishing to share with me that there were unresolved issues with my computer.  I, in turn, sincerely wished to utter very unbecoming and unladylike words.  I rather vehemently informed the cad exactly what time it was and that he woke me up and I was not pleased.  

How I miss the old-fashioned phones that you could slam down thus venting at least a small element of frustration - instead I crawled back into bed and lay there and fumed.  And the day can only get better, right?

Now, on to more seam treatments!

 This one is all straight stitches...

Cross stitches (black); straight stitches (blue) and lazy daisies (pink). 

Feather stitch (black); lazy daisies (green); cross stitches (pink); straight stitches (blue) and either a bead or French Knot (orange).

The quote today, fittingly enough, is about frustration and comes from an unknown source..."All frustrations are self-induced.  The outside world can invite us to become upset, but we ultimately accept the invitation"

Words I need to learn to live by!


  1. Morning, They call late at night too, you can not easily understand what they're saying either. Do not under any circumstance let them into you computer. Microsoft does not call you on the phone and that is most say they are calling from. It's bogus and they only screw up your computer. Been there and done that, then to it to a tech.

  2. I hope the rest of your day has turned out well! Early calls - I usually think there is an emergency of some sort. Great links and seam stitching.

  3. Probably from a different time zone, too. Such as India. Where it would be mid evening. Slamming down phone best response..

  4. I constantly have to stop what I am in the middle of to answer the phone - only to have a recording or one. Dead air. I get fed up and let the answering machine pick it up because I don't care who is on the other end. My family rarely calls and they know that if they want me, they can leave a message.

  5. The phone gets on my nerves. I want to get ris of it but my cell phone is unreliable at my house. While we were on vacation we got 8 messages. Only one was from someone I know.

  6. I have a real aversion to telephones. I dislike answering them...especially when I am busy or sleeping. I dislike calling others because I feel like I am interrupting them. Lovely seam treatments. Hmmm...interesting quote.

  7. Still in bed at 8am.....I should think you would have been up and at it way before then. =D I always feel uneasy when the phone rings in the early hours. Pretty seam stitching and yes me thinks your quote is a goody.

  8. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Ha least you didn't get an immediate second call..answered by husband #1..complaining that his wife had just insulted the caller..(I said some VERY unladylike swear words that I had heard somewhere! probably on TV! LOL
    Mrs Noofy

  9. I'd not be best pleased either to be woken in this way! I think they got off lightly!
    Have a great week.
    Wren x

  10. I have my cellphone turned off at night and my landline ringer turned off from after-evening-chores until after-morning-chores. Works very well for me!

  11. I especially LOVE the black feather stitch seam. I like the variation you added.
    Yup, we get those 1-800 I Can Fix Your Computer calls too. AND Heather calls us regularly to tell us we can lower our credit card interest rate. How they navigate around the Do Not Call list is beyond me. Oh, If I could only get THEIR phone number and call them at 3AM. I am seriously going to add those numbers to my list of blocked phone numbers. But now, they have a way of making their number on caller ID look like it is coming from a person with a local phone number. I guess the same way they can send E-mails From me, To me, but have not hacked my email. Technology has been a blessing AND a curse.
    xx, Carol


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