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Monday, May 01, 2017

Filling and reveals

Here are the final two fillers I used on Block Six....

And here is the completed block...

Today your quote is from Charles Dickens...."Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade"


  1. Congratulations Dear and your Work of HeArt is Breathtaking! You really did an amazing job "Looking through the Porthole" at the Undersea World. Sew Fabulous! Love your Romance Block 6. I am truly aghast at your work sweet friend. Officially Swooning Now...<3

  2. Your work on this block is gorgeous! And your piece with the "Jewels of the Sea" is one of my favorites. You do such beautiful work!

  3. Your finished block is exquisite Mary Anne and many congratulations on your other beautiful work.... it was fabulous and I loved seeing what others had created too! Christine x

  4. Your block 6 is beautiful. So delicately stitched on the perfect fabrics. I always love to see your use of sequins and buttons. The piece you submitted to the challenge is not like anything I have seen you do before. So cool. I have to admit the Sardine can art really blew me away. I saw some names that were familiar to me, but had not heard they were participating.

    Great post.
    xx, Carol

  5. The block is simply beautiful! Congrats on submitting your piece for Jewels of the Sea - very clever girl!

  6. Loved looking at all the entries to the challenge. So many different interpretations.

  7. Well done being accepted for the Jewels of the Sea. I enjoyed watching it's growth and the final photo and many others have also.


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