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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Just one

Today I have just one seam treatment completed to show you (and at that I'm not quite sure that it IS complete - jury is still out!)....

This one is straight stitches (black); lazy daisies (green) and I used flower beads and seed beads to finish it off.  You could use French knots if you like.


- I guess, since this is my blog, I'm allowed some proud mama time?  Our #2 son and daughter-in-love are just launching their photography business and they have a lovely web site HERE if you're interested in seeing it.  There are a couple of pictures there of our grandson too (and if you go to the 'Contacts' page you can see a beautiful picture of our son and daughter-in-love).  

- Do you have a difficult time finding time for your creative pursuits?  Mary Corbet has written a really good article on time management on her blog and you can read her post HERE.

- Some more cute things to make for Easter - HERE, (site isn't in English, but there's a translate feature); and more  HERE

- THIS is a pretty crocheted flower you can add to your projects.

- If you're a cross stitcher, perhaps you'd like to check out THIS pretty daffodil pattern for spring.

- And for a non-fattening Easter egg project, go HERE

- HERE's a tutorial for an interesting way to make bag/purse handles.  

- and for the Lego lovers among us, there are THESE Easter-themed ideas.

Today your quote is from T. Gaskins..."You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce"


  1. Love those flower beads...very pretty seam. I took a look at your son and DIL's website. Fantastic and very professional looking.

  2. I am loving your new seam, Mary Anne. Oh my, you have every right to be a proud mama; your son and daughter's-in-law photos are amazing. Their photography business will go gang busters, if the glorious photos are anything to go by. Thank you for all the links....I am off to explore them. Oh....I forget......I need to find time to do all those everyday know....those things like, washing the clothes, mopping the floors, dusting.......etc etc. =)

  3. I see nothing wrong with your latest stitched seam. Flowers are lovely! You are permitted to brag - lovely site & photography. Beautiful family.
    You are more into Easter crafts than I am these days. Love the chicken in the egg.

  4. Love the flower beads in your seam treatment. Your Son and DIL are a very good looking couple and their website is very well done. May they have wonderful success in theiir new endeavor of photography. Uber cute links once again. Happy stitching dear...

  5. Another very pretty seam Mary Anne! I love the little flower buttons/sequins. Hope you have time for more stitching today! Christine x

  6. Your seam treatments are great. Looking forward to seeing the finished block!

  7. Lovely spring flowers!
    Mary Corbet does have good ideas.
    I like the quote, food for thought.

  8. Hi MA
    your son's website is gorgeous as is the photography. Very much to be proud about. Thanks for more great links too.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    xx, Carol

  9. Love it each time you use those sweet pink flower beads!
    I have some similar along with green bead leaves that I like so much.
    Sweetest website your son and dil have on FB.
    Wishing them much success oxo


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