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Friday, March 17, 2017

I'm late!

Yes, I'm late to post today but better late than never (or maybe you think never might be preferable?).  Anyway...

Here's another seam treatment for whatever number courtship block I'm currently working on...

I have NO idea where that line appeared from!!

For reasons unknown, Blog-grrrr has decided to be a pain, and will not let me do anything I want it to do, so this post is going to be a crap shoot I fear!

As I would have liked to say above, the seam treatment is done using blanket stitch (black); straight stitches (green) and is woven with a metallic thread (pink).


- For those of you who have little girls in your life, perhaps you'd like to make them one of THESE.

- Kathy Shaw has opened registration for her free online class ICQC-104 Mixed Motifs With Fabric - but you do have to hurry because registrations are only open until tomorrow night.

- Sharon Boggon has a brand new crazy quilting book soon to be launched and you can read about that HERE (and perhaps pre-order your copy!).

- If you are looking for a new purse pattern for spring (or fall, depending on where you are), you might find inspiration HERE

- And THIS is a cute little pouch pattern that would be handy for so many things. 

The quote of the day is from Sandra Kring..."The next time you decide to unclutter your life and clean up your space, start with the things that are truly useless:  Like regrets, shame and anger"


  1. That is the excellent decluttering advice!

  2. Nice seam treatment dear. Powerful quote advice. I definitely need to "declutter" with this method.

  3. That baby doll carrier is too cute!
    Beautiful seam treatments.
    Thanks for the quote, I needed to be reminded of that.
    That kind of clutter sneaks in and likes to stay hidden.
    Out it goes!

  4. Your seam treatment stitchery is such a delight to behold MA!

  5. I'm playing catch up again with blog reading! Lovely stitching as always. Thanks for the links.


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