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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

On cheese and whine

And before you wonder, yes, I do know how to spell!  Yesterday was one of those days.  You know the ones - the kind of day where you should have stayed in bed.  The ones where not a single thing you planned happened.  The ones where everything that could go wrong did.  The ones that the author Judith Viorst refers to as 'terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad days'.  

My first mistake was to get up in the morning.  Second mistake was listening to the weather report where there were dire predictions of a big snow storm headed our way.  Third mistake was deciding that my plans needed to be changed and errands needed to be run, instead of my much-anticipated day to sew...because who knows how much snow we'll get and how long it will be until we can easily get out.  There went the morning.

Ooh - there's still the afternoon.  Right??? 

Who was to know that my much-beloved Janome sewing machine would decide that it would be fun to take a nose dive onto the floor and bounce around a bit?  Who was to know that said machine really wanted a holiday and decided that doing push ups on the floor was too much and flatly refuse to work?


Who me??

No matter - I have a back-up machine.  Wrestled it onto the table and cleaned it up.  Watched in utter amazement as the belt shredded itself before my very eyes.


Who me???

So - as I said - a little cheese with 
my whine would be welcome.

Thank you.
Now, on to the mumblings of the day...

- We didn't get as much snow as the dire predictions said.  Yay!

- How about THESE cute little Easter baskets?

- If you go HERE (and scroll down) you will find several really pretty free crocheted flower patterns.

- Check out all the wonderful links to be found HERE to make some really pretty (some quite unusual) aprons.
And just to prove that I've been doing something beyond breaking sewing machines, how about these...

The dress pattern is from HERE and the hat is from HERE  (I added the flower).  It still needs buttons for the back closure and I think I'll add one to the middle of the flower too.

Your quote for today is not a quote, but I think you'll understand when you see it...


  1. When computers still operated in DOS, my best friend's computer engineer husband developed a bio rhythm program. We now call a day like yours "A Bad Bio-Rhythm Day". Thank you so much for the link to the crochet flowers. They are one of my passions. Your little crochet dress is from a pretty pattern. What color did you make, or is that a pic of it? Gosh, I hope your machine is not too injured from it's fall.
    xx, Carol

  2. We're getting the snow. I'll be happy to share!

  3. Glad that you didn't have as much snow as predicted.... at least that is a positive!! So sorry to hear about the sewing machines..... hope that you can get them sorted out very soon! Love that pretty little dress and hat.... the flower is a pretty addition. Hope tomorrow is a much better day for you! Hugs Christine x

  4. Oh no! What a day. I am sooooo very sorry. I am glad you did not have as much of the dreaded white stuff. But I can relate all too well with the sewing machine issues. A couple of years ago, mine died. My mom splurged and bought me one on sale. It died just after the 30 days to return it passed. Wishing you a much better week! (((Hugs)))

  5. My daughter and her family are living in New Hampshire and they are getting the snow!
    Your crocheted hat and dress are adorable! Beautiful work.
    I'm sorry you had a rough time with your machines.
    Life is like that at times.
    I hope it goes better soon for you!

  6. How funny! I just wrote to you a short while ago, and then wondered if you had snow! Glad it's not as bad as predicted!
    Sorry to hear about your sewing machines!
    Love the Easter baskets, so sweet! Pretty flowers!
    Gorgeous dress and hat, lovely work, Mary Anne!
    Barbara x

  7. You do make me chuckle, Mary Anne. Love this post. Some days, one really should not get out of bed.=) The little dress and hat are adorable. It is a wee bit clever that you are!

  8. Mary Anne, that was my whole entire last week!!! Hope things are better now!

    Hugs, Pam

  9. Oh My! Thankfully it was only your sewing machine that was diving and bouncing and not you! I have days like those and wonder why?!! Lovely crocheted dress and hat with the flower. It looks very small though. Love your "signature" for the day. Better days from here on out my friend. Hope your machines get repaired and behave themselves. Hugs...<3

  10. THOSE days happen to us all!
    I'm hoping your machine that bounced off the table can bounce back to life MA!
    Just last light we saw news reports on our Tvnz of the snow storms in the US - stay safe.
    Sometimes bed is a good place to be!

  11. Leave it to me to read the most recent post first where I learned about your machine! Quite a day you had but it got better, didn't it? At least the snow wasn't as bad. We had a day of pouring rain and it's 9C out now. The little crochet dress is almost identical to the one I did my daughter when she was a baby. Now she has an almost 6 year old.

  12. oh wow! What a day - Yep, right back to bed! Poor machines!! Loved the cute little Easter baskets - too cute!


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