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Monday, March 13, 2017

Knitting content - who knew?

Yes, something else besides crazy quilting does happen here at Chez Magpie, and here's some proof....

These little charmers are going along with two baby gifts I've been putting together - one for a wee boy and the other for a little girl.  They're knitted using sock yarn and the pattern can be found HERE.  

We're battening down the hatches and laying in supplies - the weather man (rot his socks) is insisting that the biggest snow storm of the season is headed our way.  I'm so done with winter!!

How about some mumblings?

- THIS is a nice knitted baby sweater that would be ideal for a boy.

- In my current search for a good way to join yarn, particularly in the middle of a row, I came across THESE hints and thought I'd share. 

 My current project on the needles is to make one of these...

 It's one of the Mary Maxim kits made from super bulky yarn and is a special request from our #2 son.  Of course he's the one that's 6'8" so there will have to be lots of extra length added!

- For anyone who wants to whip up an Easter-themed cross stitch, how about THIS?

Today, instead of a quote, I have this...


  1. Same storm headed here, sigh. Up to 24 inches and blowing too. I didn't sign up for this!

  2. We've had the cold and snow this week here in Saskatchewan and are forecast for warmer weather coming soon (tomorrow, perhaps?) I so appreciate the little so expresses how I feel too.

  3. i made one of those little dolls as a gift. i had a hard time giving it away. i may have to make one to keep for me.

  4. Love these cute little knitted toys.... they are going to bring a lot of pleasure! Sorry to hear you have more bad weather on the way.... keep safe and warm! Christine x

  5. Well I hope that storm doesn't last as long as it's predicted to.
    I think those little knitted dolls are adorable!
    That's one beautiful sweater you're going to knit for your son.
    Good things going on here.
    Summer is for sure hotter, good choice.

  6. Fun knitted baby gifts. Please stay safe and warm in your pending storms. Hot cocoa hugs...<3

  7. Oh gosh, I cannot imagine knitting for someone who is 6'8" tall!! I can only imagine the length of the will be knitting forever. Love that pattern, though. Those knitted baby gifts are too, too adorable. LOVE them!


  8. The Knubblechen are adorable! Scrolling through the pages of projects on rav is a guaranteed smile-raiser. And I've been picturing them as pocket-size dollies, but just saw one that is as big as the delighted baby next to it!

  9. Love the meme. That is how I feel at the end of EVERY winter. Your little knitted dolls are so cute. I am amazed at knitted project so small...or big for that matter. I truly wish I could embrace knitting. They said our part of your storm would bring us 6 inches. I think we got about 2. Hope they got your forecast wrong too.
    xx, Carol

  10. Cuties! Hope the winter weather storm isn't too harsh in your area and you are all alright!

  11. Sweet baby gifts! We got about a foot of well packed snow here in Western Mass. Spent the whole day stitching!!


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