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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Stitching on

More seam treatments on block 3

This one is pretty much done with straight stitches, with some lazy daisies & either French knots or beads.

The base line on this one was done using straight stitches and the curved bits were whipped back stitch.  Straight stitches, lazy daisies and beads completed the treatment.  If you don't have a template to make the curves, try using a button to draw around.

Today your quote is from anonymous...."The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about"


  1. I've been admiring your stitching Mary Anne. I have bveen wanting to do some stitching, but involved with too much else at the moment.This type of stitching appeals, and is very soothing! Looks beautiful.

  2. Pretty hand work, I'll be playing catchup for awhile. Love todays quote.

  3. I'm loving all of your lovely stitching! These blocks are pretty and romantic.

  4. Your seam treatments are wonderful and the tip of using a button to get a curve is brilliant. I also like the bright bead stitch markers. So many things to see and make and do...yet so little time.

  5. Oh, these two seams are wonderful. I really like the first but Really love the second.
    Well done MA

  6. More beautiful additions to your block. I really love the curved line.... where do you get your gorgeous beads from... they are lovely! Christine x

  7. Beautiful stitching. Love todays quote!


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