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Friday, February 03, 2017

Narrowing in

I'm getting to the end of Block # 2 in the courtship series and hopefully will finish it today.  Here's the latest bits I've added...

 Above is a fairly easy seam treatment...
just a chain stitch vine, silk ribbon leaves,
and some sparkly plastic flowers.

Below, double fly stitch leaves,
some rice pearl beads, and
some other beads I found in my stash. 

Diagram for the double fly stitch leaves

Latest in my findings round and about the internet...

- There are some really nice paper pieced heart ideas HERE (scroll down), along with a number of other free patterns.

- Gerry has written a great tutorial HERE about how to transfer patterns to fabrics.  This is particularly great when using dark fabric or anything with a short nap.

- There's a really cute little knitted bunny HERE.

- For those of you who crochet and happen to be looking for a little gift item, how about one of THESE?  I made some years ago and they were really pretty.  And HERE's another nice one.  And if you're looking for a little Valentine's gift, how about THIS one?

Your quote today comes from an anonymous source..."The first to apologize is the bravest.  The first to forgive is the strongest.  The first to forget is the happiest"


Mary Ann said...

Very pretty:) Thanks for the links.

Kim said...

This block is looking lovely, as well. You say "simple seam", I say "but so lovely". I clicked on the link for the transfer interesting method. Happy stitching!

Judy Cooper Textile Images said...

Very nice! I do like bling :). Thanks for the links

Vicki W said...

You have a lovely collection of beads and other treasures!

Baa. xxx said...

Love the buttons and sparkly flowers. It must be quite exciting looking in your stash to find all the bits and pieces!

Wandering Wren said...

You are so clever not only with all your work but with the ideas you find - love the 'I give you my heart', I wish I could quickly whip one up!!! Thanks for your fabulous contributions to my posts through your comments, they have made me smile and warmed my heart this week.
Have a happy week - this is my last in Australia for a while!
Wren x

Janie said...

Beautiful embellishing!
I like the crocheted fan bookmark too.
The quote is a good one, forgiveness is freedom.