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Monday, February 20, 2017

Block 4 beginning

Over the weekend I started working on block four of my courtship project and now here are some seam treatments for you...

Herringbone (black); straight stitch (green); lazy daisy (pink) and either French knots or beads.

Straight stitch (black, blue and pink);  lazy daisy (green) and French knots (or beads).

- Go HERE to see some pretty amazing knitted moths.  Not something I would have ever thought to do!

- There's a nice fabric basket tutorial HERE.  Handy for a number of uses.

- I found THIS very interesting way to cast on for toe up socks.  I plan to give this a try!!

Instead of your quote today, I thought I'd share this beautiful poem written by Joseph J. Mazzella...


The television news was droning on and on this evening.
It was full of every bad thing that happened in the world today.
Finally I had to turn the set off.
It wasn't that I couldn't handle the bad news.
It was just that I knew all that was being left out.
I knew what else happened today.

Today a mother held her newborn baby in her arms for the first time and felt her heart open with a love she never knew she had.
Today mothers and fathers both played with their children, hugged them tight, and kissed them goodnight when they tucked them into bed.
Today animals were petted, fed, and cared for by loving owners.
Today a child learned how to be kind when he saw his Mom hold a door open for an elderly lady.
Today wise words were spoken and minds were opened in a million school classrooms across the world.
Today clothes, food and money were collected to be shared with the poor and hungry.  
Today the sick were cared for, the disabled were helped, and the crying were comforted by so many caring souls.
Today smiles were shared and kind acts performed with no thought of reward.
Today songs were sung, sweet words were said, and laughter was heard.
Today adult children gathered around their Mom's deathbed to hold her hand, tell her they love her, and kiss her for one last time.
Today someone finally realized just how much God loves them.
Today a million prayers went up to Heaven on the wings of faith and a million 'Thank You's' were said to God with hearts full of love.
Today this world was made better by the good we did, the kindness we shared, and the love we gave to others. 
Today all the angels of Heaven joyfully smiled as they watched us strive to love each other, to help each other, and to live as God's children here on earth. 
That is what happened today.
That is what happens every day of our lives here.
Don't let the bad news bring you down.
Its hate and darkness can never stand against our love and light.


  1. More beautiful seams and what a perfect poem!

  2. Yay! Looking forward to seeing your beautiful work on block four! Great poem.... it is exactly how I feel most nights listening to the news! Christine x

  3. Hi MA The moths are amazing! I've seen some embroidered ones that are great but not the knitted ones. Storage bags keep popping up in my feeds and e-mails so I'm wondering if I'm being nudged to make some! I could surely use them. The words of wisdom you shared was one I really needed. Thank you.

  4. Today....we can bring a smile to those around us, can't we. We can always make our little corner of the world a better place. LOVE this wonderful poem, Mary Anne...thank you. By the way, pretty stitching. =)

  5. Very lovely seams. Do you plan your blocks before you stitch? I'm thinking when I get back to CQ I'll have to do that. I fiddle around trying to figure out what to do next. Kills the momentum.

    Great poem. I have found that if I watch the National news in the morning I get so aggravated with the latest White House News that I actually get in an angry mood and have to turn it off. I admit to watching a lot of HGTV house renovation shows. I get amazed that houses sell for a million dollars that would cost in the 300,000s where I live.
    xx, Carol

  6. Great crazy quilt seams. Origami box is interesting

  7. Love your stitches, love the poem and love those amazing moths!

  8. Great... I am so impressed... thank you!


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