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Thursday, February 09, 2017

oh oh - and continuing on

The resident chef decided that making bread was a good thing to do yesterday and this was the result...

Recipe is from

Not a calorie to it!!

Now on to the non-fattening portion of this post...

This one began with the chevron stitch (black); straight stitches (pink & green); cross stitches (blue) and finished off with beads or French knots.

This one is made up of cross stitches, straight stitches and lazy daisies.

And here's your mumblings...

- HERE is a great purse organizer - made from a placemat!

- THIS is a dual purpose item - a hot water bottle cover AND a sweet little cross stitch pattern too.

- How about one of THESE to help organize your sewing room or scrapbooking space?  

Today your quote is from Christina Rossetti..."Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished?  Yes - work never begun"


  1. The purse organizer is great because you can lift it out, loaded, to change purses. This is just the sort of thing I like.

  2. WoW that looks really tasty!!
    Hes a keeper lol

  3. Compliments to the chef! Looks good.
    I must say, your stitch samples are great. Must try some of them.
    I do like that purse organizer - easy to make!

  4. I'm just loving all your wonderful new stitch combos for this series of blocks! And your bread looks so yummy!!

  5. Beautiful seam treatments Mary Anne.... I like stitching chevron stitch and this is very pretty! That loaf looks delicious.... ha! for the calories!! Christine x

  6. Great stitch combinations!
    A purse organizer is always a big help.
    I baked ginger bread this last week, a favorite with us in cool weather. It does have calories.
    And I agree with that quote, right on.


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