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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I don't have any stitching to share - yesterday was a bit of a lost day and nothing much happened with my needle and threads. 


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you too :)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Mary Anne! How's your snow? Christine x

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! I have been browsing your blog with my iPad and it gets glitchy when I try to leave comments. I really love all of the gorgeous seam treatments you have been sharing and I've worked some of your snowflakes into my Winter/Christmas wall quilt. Thank you for the lovely inspiration!

  4. Hi MA
    I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. What a cute yarn stitching place you sent me to!!
    xx, Carol

  5. I am always tempted by those little portable watercolor dealios - like a dollhouse for paints! - but now I use watercolor pencils. My original set of 10 used to fit in a little box, and last year I treated myself to a set of 24 that came in a nifty flat tin. But now I'm adding individual colors on a NeedThisColor! basis, and a very lightweight yet protective way to carry them safely in my backpack will be required by Spring. I wonder if one may purchase empty flat tins?

  6. Happy Belated Valentine's to you dear. Yesterday was a complete comedy of errors for Mr. C and I. Talk about a lost day! Love your found links.

  7. I hope you had a great Valentine's Day, despite the snow!
    Loved the little doggie, very sweet!
    Barbara x


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