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Friday, February 17, 2017

Block three - complete

I finished the last section of block three....

and here is the completed block...

Now, on to block 4!!

- There's a beautiful free pattern HERE by Trish Burr  (found via Judy...thank you).

- If you enjoy working with hexxies, there's an interesting tutorial HERE showing how to use plastic templates (which she happens to sell, but I have no affiliation) and ensuring that your joining stitches are invisible.

- THIS isn't a free pattern, but I'm sharing it anyway, simply because it's so cute.

- You can find a good quilt binding tutorial HERE.

Today the quote is from Jackson Brown..."Today give a stranger on of your smiles.  It might be the only sunshine he sees all day"


  1. I am 'enthralled' with this beautiful block.

  2. Hi MA, You're crazy quilt block is stunning. I'm amazed at all of the stitches you have! I really appreciated the links, especially the plastic hexies. I'm not really a quilter but I've always wondered how to go about using those templates. I put up my embroidery samples with a link to your blog. Thanks for all of your help.

  3. Your blog header is stunning, such a lovely way to commemorate family.
    And your blocks look a treat!

    Those hexi templates are expensive! Clever idea if you make the hexis up as you go of course, so you need just afew at any one time.
    But think I prefer the papers and the ability to have them made in multiples until your ready to gets tuck and piece them. I quite like the flexibility too with paper though I can see some may prefer to have a firmer fabric to work with.

  4. thanks for adding my blog to your post. Love your stitching as always. Until my arm is better, I won't be doing too much stitching.

  5. Just beautiful Mary Anne! So much lovely detail! Looking forward to block four! Have a nice weekend! Christine x

  6. Hmmm......liking block 3! Very pretty all finished.

  7. Block 3 is gorgeous and your colors are just right for the image. Love the heart from Trish Burr. Her embroidery is amazing. The hexie link is interesting however I have managed to steer clear of making any hexies. Jackson Brown's quote is something I do most days. Happy weekend dear...<3

  8. What a gorgeous block! Beautiful work.

  9. Your stitching is divine especially the ribbon flowers. It's a great project. With love, Carolyn xxx

  10. Gorgeous block, Mary Anne. I am chomping at the bit to see this lovely project finished. Do you think you could stitch a little quicker.....please, please, pretty please. =) I am loving this new pretty of yours. Xx


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