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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Block 3 - beginnings

Over the weekend I started working on block #3 of my courtship project, so here are two more seam treatments to share with you...


This one is entirely created using straight stitches, with the addition of either beads or French Knots

More straight stitches and cross stitches

- There's a really pretty crocheted Tree of Life afghan pattern HERE.

- If you happen to have some old wooden thread spools in your stash, perhaps you'd like to make one of THESE

- There's a nice crocheted heart that could be used in numerous ways HERE.  

- My friend Judy has posted some links HERE  to the beautiful quilts from The Road To California 2017 quilt show.  Be sure to have a cuppa at hand because there are LOTS of absolutely stunning quilts to see!

Today your quote is from Mark Twain..."Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option"


  1. Fabulous start to the next block Mary Anne.... you are really zipping through these seams! Christine x

  2. Thanks for the mention - always appreciated. Love the new seam designs. Great links as always. The crochet heart is cute (if I was into hearts).

  3. Beautiful stitching.
    Thanks for the links.
    I looked through some of the quilts in 'Road to California', lots of them, yes.
    Great quote, Mark Twain had good insight into human nature!

  4. Amazing what you've done with straight stitches and I do L♥ve French Knots too.
    Fun clicking on your links MA.
    My mixed media art group will enjoy seeing the thread spool ideas.
    We are planning on altering some beautiful silk thread spools a friend shared with us.
    Happy February oxo

  5. Block three already? Wow! Lovely seam treatments you have designed and stitched. I was without internet and phones since last weekend and am trying to catch up. A lot happens in blogland and social media.

  6. You are designing very nice charts for the stitches and each looks just right on your blocks. You will be finished all the blocks before you know it, at the rate you are going.

  7. Loving the seam finishes. The jewellery hanger made me wish I had more wooden spools!


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