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Thursday, February 02, 2017

A bit more

I've added a couple more areas on my block...

This little cross stitched rose is a pattern I found on the internet (the rose and the larger leaves).  Because it didn't quite fill the area I wanted it to, I added the extra leaves and the buds.

This is another pattern found on the 'net.  The flowers and leaves are done with back stitch that I then 'whipped' with a darker colour.

Today's mumblings...

- Being that it's the  Chinese Year of the Rooster perhaps it might be fun to create a few of THESE little cuties.  They aren't roosters per se, but close enough!

- Kathy Shaw has just opened registrations for her free online 'Basic Crazy Quilting' class - she's only accepting registrations for a very limited time, so if you're interested you should check her post HERE.  

- Pam Kellogg has just released another in her series of free band sampler patterns and you can find that HERE, along with a catch-up of the previous patterns.

- There are a few good ideas HERE for organizing things in your sewing room.

Today your quote is from Celine Dion..."There's only two days of the year where there's nothing you can control:  yesterday and tomorrow"


  1. What sweet designs!

  2. Nice cross stitch. The extra leaves work well. Great links, especially the Lucky Chickens. I would register for the crazy stitch course but time - I don't have enough of it at the moment.

  3. I do like your rose and buds and leaves. I also really like how you "wrapped" your embroidered flowers. Fun links once again. Good quote for me to remember. I am in no way a control freak however I can stop worrying especially on yesterday and tomorrow.

  4. I like your addition to the rose. Pretty to begin with , prettier now.
    The blossom blooms look good also and whipping in another colour would enhance them.

  5. Liked the whipped stitch effect!


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