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Monday, January 23, 2017

Pies, tea and continuations

Every once in awhile the resident chef (not moi, btw) arrives in my doorway to show off his latest creation.  This time it was lemon meringue pie made from scratch!  See?....

And, yes, I know I'm spoiled!!

Over the weekend (whilst pie-making was happening in the kitchen) I worked on block one of the courtship series...

Just a pansy and a flower spray done in outline stitch, chain, french knots, lazy daisies & a few straight stitches.

Another little flower area - cross stitches, fly stitches, woven wheel.  I think I will add some more beads to this one.

A cross stitched rose (done on waste canvas).  You can see some floral beads on the vine, currently being held in place with pins.  I only have so many of these beads and wanted to make sure I have enough before I started stitching, so hence the pins.  

Today's dose of mumblings...

- Found THIS article  about cutting fat quarters which might be useful for anyone who quilts.  And HERE's another great chart that gives quilt sizes, along with a number of other handy reference information charts.  You can also find a number of other charts HERE.

- Another gem that quilters might like can be found HERE.

- THIS lady does incredible work using tea bags (be sure to scroll down!).  And HERE's another incredible artist who uses tea bags in their work.  There's more HERE     HERE  and HERE

Today your quote is from Lin Yutang..."There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation"



  1. Lemon meringue, my favourite, you are a lucky one!
    I love seeing this piece come together, so lovely.

  2. This is a series, I love it! I'm looking forward to the unfolding. Already such beautiful work and color.
    I'll get a cup of tea and enjoy myself here a while.

  3. Tea is quite calming and refreshing and it is my drink of choice. Your CQ is beautiful and I adore seeing your progress seam-by-seam. Oh My...I am enchanted by these tea bag artists and their works.

  4. I am loving this courtship series. LOVE the pansies and all the other pretties you have finished in this post. Yummo....Lemon Meringue lips are salivating!!

  5. Oooh, I love lemon meringue pie and that looks delicious! Your first block is looking fabulous Mary Anne! Enjoy your pie!! Christine x

  6. OMG I AM DROOLING all over your beautiful stitching! Lemon meringue is my absolute favorite!

  7. I LUUUUVVVVVVVVVV lemon meringue pie. Favorite? no, but close. Your stitching is beautiful. I especially like the pansies. Thanks for the Chart. I have started a page on Pinterest for charts after someone posted code numbers for movie categories on Netflix.
    xx, Carol

  8. Yummy! Spoilt indeed!! Love Lemon meringue pie. It needs transporting here right away! Love the pansy!

  9. does your chef want to come work for me for a while? I will treat him well...he can have an hour off every week!


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