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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Just to prove that I've been doing SOMETHING!!

Yes, I have been working on something, believe it or not.  Not all my time has been spent waffling about what project to start next (which, btw, is percolating in the background).  


Many of you are aware of, and maybe are participating in, Pam Kellogg's Never-Ending Stitch-a-Long  (free, btw!!) and this is my effort towards that.  The first twelve stitches are done....using waste canvas on black cotton.  I will be turning this into an insert on the cover of one of my three-ring binders that holds stitching inspiration.  Now I will wait until there are twelve more patterns available and I will use them for another insert on another binder.  (and before you ask, yes the margins are straight in real life....don't know why they photographed wavy!!).  

And here's your dose of mumblings for today...

- many of you (and that should include moi!!) are in a declutter mode after Christmas and are sorting through your crafting supplies in the hopes of either downsizing or organizing what you have.  So, in that light, perhaps there might be something HERE that you would find interesting.  It's the first article of a series, and if you want to read the rest they are HERE and HERE.  And HERE's an article on storage.

- another thing I've noticed trending about the blogging world seems to be THESE hats.  Plenty of links and ideas there if you're thinking about making one for yourself or for a gift.

- My friend Judy posted a link to THIS Christmas-themed quilt a long (and yes, I know Christmas is over with, but it's never too early to think ahead, right?).  Be sure you scroll down to see some of the many different ways you can use the patterns!

- And another freebie for the quilters who also happen to like cats - how about THIS?

- For the crocheters - some nice patterns for the puff stitch HERE

Most of you know how much I dislike winter.  Today is a prime example of why - it has been snowing pretty much all day and the forecast calls for it to turn to freezing rain tonight.  Oh joy!  So...your quote for today is this one....from Carl Reiner..."A lot of people like snow.  I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water"


  1. I am one of those snow loving people MA ;-)
    I got lost for a bit at your links for decluttering.
    Thank you for sharing those.
    I saw a fun thing today that said something like I thought I needed to be more organized but really I just needed less stuff!
    Your stitch sampler is super. The black and white is very dramatic and shows the stitches beautifully.
    Your header is really special too.
    Stay warm and cozy oxo

  2. Your sampler is beautiful! I love the white on black. You always share the best links. Wow.

    Sending you safe wishes with your weather. It has been raining here and is supposed to snow with temperatures dropping. (I just picture snow on ice.) We generally get up to 3 days of the white stuff maybe every 3 years or so. This year, we have had a lot more than that already. (Is it spring yet?!) Warmest wishes heading your way!

  3. This is a beautiful stitching start to 2017 and will make the perfect insert for your binder Mary Anne! I am with you on your opinions of snow! Christine x

  4. Love the look of white stitches on black.

  5. Love your sampler. Fantastic and dramatic in black and white. I've been following along with the sampler but haven't, as yet, started mine.
    I hate winter too, and was so happy when we moved to NZ. The climate here is just right for me. I can always go 'up the mountain' if I want snow. From my house I can see the snow on top of Mt. Taranaki, and that is enough for me.

  6. Your sampler stitches good great - white on black - very dramatic! Thanks for the link to my blog. I will certainly be reading up on cleaning out my studio. Thanks again.

  7. That cat quilt from Missouri Star is really cute and the block works up really fast. I'm working on a quilt in 1930's for my granddaughter's big girl bed.

  8. Love your sampler. I started doing it as well. I'm half way through the first twelve bands.


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