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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Courtship project and other things

Here are a couple of the hexagon blocks I have pieced for my Courtship project....

This one I am happy with.

And this one I am not.

Can you see the problem?  

It's that strip of off white along the bottom.  It looks out of place - it looks awful - and it had to go.  

And it did.  But while I was at it the three pieces of fabric above it had to change as well.  This block is currently in my frame and is being stitched - hopefully will be able to get a decent picture to show you tomorrow.  Right now it's raining here over top of ice, so everything is dull and dismal.  Good day to stay inside and stitch!

- I found this cute little pattern for a knitted heart which I thought might be a fun thing to make for Valentine's day - or just to tell someone you love them ANY day.

- THIS is a great way to fix a hole in a sweater (but also...wouldn't it be cute to add to a plain sweater, hole or not?).

- There's an interesting tutorial HERE about how to join stitches when knitting in the round.  

- Being that Valentine's Day is approaching, perhaps you might like to have some quick cross stitch heart patterns that are HERE.  

- For the quilters, there is a beautiful block-of-the-month happening HERE, and the patterns are free!  I must say that this one almost (note I said 'almost') makes me want to become a sane quilter!

- I know many of you are familiar with Sharon Boggon's ongoing TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) series, but I wonder if you are aware that she has been doing this for ten years.  Wow - that's pretty incredible when you think about it!  Sharon has to be one of the most giving people in the needlework world and if you haven't tried TAST, perhaps now is the time.  I guarantee you will learn a lot and explore stitches you may not have seen before.  Go HERE to read her latest post (and to get a glimpse of her book that will be available sometime mid-year). 

Today your quote is from Laura Esquivel...."She was passionate about knitting because it allowed her to reach a state of peacefulness, and she loved to embroider because it let her express her creativity.  Both activities were liberating.  They allowed her to exist outside of time." 


  1. I love the colours you're using for your new project. That idea for fixing a hole in a sweater is brilliant.

    It's raining here as well...cold and wet....a great time to be indoors and stitching:)

  2. Perfect color palette for "courtship".

  3. Sometimes your just have to play with the positioning of fabrics until you are happy... I do this all the time and I rip stitches out I until I am happy with them too! Looking forward to seeing the block! Christine x

  4. I do love these ''musky'' fabrics....I could live with the offending piece you mention but I know how it is when it's your work, how off putting that can be.

  5. Thank you for the quote! I love Laura Esquivel and the quote really spoke to me. I may have to use it myself sometime.


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