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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

First block is complete

I've finished the first block!  I decided to add a word to each block that reflects the theme of courtship...

And here is a closeup so you can see more of what I did with the vine..

I added fly stitches and some lazy daisies for leaves and have added the beads to hold down the flower beads.  You can also see where I've added beads to the seam treatment as well as to the floral spray on the right.  

Today's dose of mumblings....

- THIS is a really pretty scarf pattern.

- If you are looking for a storage idea for your DPN's, perhaps THIS might be ideal (although, if it were me, I'd make it bigger so the points of the needles would be protected).  Or....perhaps THIS one might be better.

- The other day I told you about 'temperature' afghans, and since then I've found an example of a gauge chart...

Today your quote is from Douglas Pagels...."I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be, but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see"


  1. I am gobsmacked at how quickly you have finished Block One. I like the word Beguile to accompany the courting couple. Today's quote really speaks to me inn my life. Thank you dear for always sharing so many bits of interests.

  2. Your block is so beautifully stitched with such delicate colors. It is just so pretty. I have my temperature afghan 1/2 done from last year with a journal documenting temperatures for when I pick it back up.'s a UFO!!
    xx, Carol

  3. Block 1 is exceptionally beautiful. I love how all of the stitching has such a delicate touch to it with nothing overpowering anything else.

  4. Romantic soft colors and dreamy embellishing, I'm breathless already.

  5. Wow! You do such stunning work. I am in love with your embroidery on this block.

    Hmm... If I actually learn how to crochet this year, I may have to make a temperature afghan next year. I have seen a few and they look fun!

  6. It is beautiful and I love how you have added a word!

  7. You always seem to find the best quotes, Mary Anne! Your finished block is a triumph! There is so much to gaze upon. I love the idea of stitching a word of courtship on each block. Now onto the next lovely block.

  8. That is so beautiful, I love the colours. The stitching is perfect!

  9. soft pinks.....delicious....another masterpiece from your hands.


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