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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

As promised

In this photo hopefully you can see what I did to correct that off white 'strip' in the block I showed you yesterday.  The fix included removing the off white as well as the row of fabrics directly above.  I didn't have enough of either the peach or the purple to replace what I had used before so another delve in my stash yielded these.  I like this much better!

You can also see that I have begun work on the block.  I began by mounting the image using two rows of blanket stitch.  Then I added the vine which ultimately will have flowers but they are large and I will wait until the seams are done to add those.  

As you can see I have added two seams and you can see them below...

Awhile ago I did a little series of seam treatments for you to have fun with and I thought perhaps you might like another one....

This one began with the cross stitches (in black in the diagram); then I added straight stitches (green); and wove some metallic yarn (red).  Finally I added beads (but you can also use French knots if you prefer)

 This one also began with elongated cross stitches (black); fly stitches (red); straight stitches (blue); and more cross stitches (green); with beads to finish.

Now, on to a few mumblings...

- There's an interesting post on the Kreinik site about the uses of blending filament.  I have some in my stash and never had much success with it.  Now I've read these tips I think I can make it work for me.

- THIS certainly fits into the awwww factor!

- HERE's a super easy and super cute knitted baby hat pattern.

- There's a handy yarn and gauge chart HERE.  This would be great to print and keep in your knitting or crocheting bag.

- The other day I gave you a link to some pony tail hats (which seem to be all the rage lately)....found another one HERE.  

Today the quote is from Matshona Dhiwayo..."Quiet love is better than loud hate"


  1. So interesting to see the stitches charted - I often use charts in knitting stitch patterns, but never saw them for sewing before! Clever.
    A question in case you don't see it on my blog: do you freeze other kinds of cheese besides cheddar? I'm wondering if it would work with gruyere, but have hesitated to experiment because it really is costly stuff.

  2. Beautiful stitch combinations and stitching! Love it. Great links too. Thanks

  3. Like the new block layout Mary Anne and the seam treatments are beautiful! Christine x

  4. This is looking so pretty, Mary Anne. Love those stitches.

  5. Gosh, that looks nice! Those colours really work so well together. Seam treatments look so pretty.

  6. I am definitely going to have to rename you the ''seam Queen' are so darned good at this.


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