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Thursday, January 12, 2017


My question from yesterday has found an answer!!  Thank you Mary Ann for giving me the following place that generates a colour palatte from my images....go HERE for that one.  I like that this one lets you print off fairly reasonably sized swatches.  During my search yesterday I found a number of places but very few of them will allow printing - or at least if they do, I can't figure out how.  I did stumble across THIS one which give you a number of swatches but they print very small and rather difficult to use.   

Now I can happily start choosing my fabrics for my 'Courtship' project.  Oh - and did I mention that I decided on a hexagon format?

Above you can see just some of the chaos I've created!! The pulling of fabrics has begun and I currently have seven piles similar to this, each one possibilities for a block.  You can see in the photo the colour swatch printout that I'm using.  Oh, and please excuse the mess behind!!

A good side effect of all this fondling of fabrics is that I'm actually tidying my storage drawers as I go along.  At least they'll look nice until I need something and it'll be back to the usual messy state!

Today, wonder of wonders, I don't have any mumblings for you.  I know - will wonders never cease?  

Your quote of the day is from Audrey Hepburn...."Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible"


  1. Hexagons...ooh....sounds wonderful....can't wait to see the beginning of this wonderful pretty. Fondling pretty fabrics, searching for the right fabrics, is what makes for a happy day.

  2. Your colors are beautiful and just the right softness for Harrison Fisher's images. Hexagons...I will need to see a block since I am so new to CQ and I don't quilt. Terrific Thursday Dear...

  3. Love the colour palette you are working to Mary Anne and I really like the sound of the hexagon block shape too. Nice that the spin off is a tidier fabric stash! Can't wait to see this project progressing! Christine x

  4. I love hex shapes. Thanks for posting Mary Ann's color scheme link. It's a new one to me. The colors you chose for your project as so soft and pretty. Perfection.
    xx, Carol

  5. What a nice colour palette. I love hexi's. This is gonna be fun to watch you make!

  6. Ive often wondered how folks got the colour palette boxes from pictures!
    Your a font of wisdom woman!!
    And of course hexis rule!
    Crazy romantic hexis even more so lol

  7. yes, creating chaos. I have a qualification in that too.


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