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Thursday, January 05, 2017

In which I babble on....

I've spent the last three days working on a scrapbook/photo album of the road trip we took in the fall to meet our new grandson.  I've been surrounded by paper and glue sticks and double-sided tape and created a gigantic MESS in my sewing room.  I'm happy to say I can put that project behind me (and readily will admit that a being a scrapbooker is not in my future!).  

My latest embroidery project has ended and now I'm casting about for something new to work on.  And before you, en masse, rush to the comments to remind me of the overlong to-do list I have, I'll share what is percolating in my brain (altho' not necessarily going to be acted upon!!)....

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the art of Harrison Fisher ( Harrison Fisher (July 27, 1875 or 1877 – January 19, 1934) ).  He drew many amazing images, primarily of women but many also featured couples.  

The thought is in my mind to perhaps use some of these wonderful images to create some sort of crazy quilt. 



or - also percolating in my brain - maybe I'll try
to create a fabric barn scene, using what I've learned
from the Craftsy online classes I was gifted with
at Christmas.

Now, on to your mumblings of the day...

- THESE are absolutely adorable - and I know the cat lover in your life would love them!  I think I'd be tempted to make them longer though.

- Some of you (at least the ones who live in Canada) are aware that this is Canada's 150th birthday year, and my friend Judy has accumulated a number of fun birthday project ideas in her post found HERE.  

- Mary Corbet has a great article on her blog about organizing projects (found HERE) and to add to that I came across THIS tutorial for making zippered plastic bags.

- There's a great free tutorial HERE for making toasty warm gloves using fleece.

- Remember me giving you the link to a free printable watercolor Star Wars calendar?  Well, HERE's a delightful princess one and HERE's a Harry Potter one, both in the same sweet watercolor style.

And your quote of the day.....from Joe Vitale...."A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot"


  1. Oooh....I love the sound of a crazy quilt using the images of Harrison Fisher. Alas, I too will never be a scrapbook aficionado either....much rather stitch. =)

  2. The free glove pattern was very timely. I have a remnant of fleece and I wondering what to do with it...:)

  3. Oh I love those images Mary Anne.... I hope you go ahead with your ideas and make a crazy quilt with them... it would be fabulous! Christine x

  4. Have you heard of the Build a Barn book (released last year) by Julie Sefton? Check it out....

  5. I did not know of Harrison Fisher and his illustrations. Thank you very much for introducing his art to me for I adore it. No matter what project you decide, it will be amazing. You are such an inspiration my friend. Another group of fun links. Wonderful 2017 Dear...XO

  6. Have long admired those wonderfully nostalgic looking images but had never known who had created them. That sounds like an interesting project!
    Is there a fabric pre printed or are you going to have to transfer pictures to fabric?
    Sounds like a learning curve so could be great fun!
    Loved the cat socks lol do wish I had the skill to make the second just like the first ..

  7. I do like these images Mary Anne...once you have worked your magic with your crazy quilt skills they will look amazing...

  8. Can't wait to see what you do with these images, MA!

    Love the new header piccy! Great family tree!

    Barbara xx

  9. Great post. Thanks for the reference back to my blog. Love those cat socks and plastic bag tutorial.


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