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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A question for you

I think I mentioned that I am waffling about colour choices for my next crazy quilt project and it suddenly occurred to me that there is such a thing as a color generator whereby you can upload your picture and they can create a color scheme for you.  That would be an ideal's where the question arises.  Which one should I use?  There are a myriad of choices and I checked out a few and ended up totally cross-eyed and confused.  Several of them use programs such as photoshop (which I don't have).  All I want is to be able to generate a color scheme, save it and print it so I can use it to choose my fabrics.   Is there a program you use that you like?  It has to be free and idiot-proof for me to figure it out, so do you have any suggestions?  Thank you in advance!!!

My mailbox yielded something really special the other day...

This is a beautiful fabric postcard created by Freda Butler (thank you Freda!!) and came through the mail without so much as a mark. The photo doesn't do it justice - there is a lot of sparkle that the camera doesn't pick up.

Before I get into the daily dose of mumblings, I want to share a warning with you.  This one is for women and is something we all need to be aware of.  Thieves are watching for you when you get out to pump your gas.  How many of us leave our purses on the seat while we get out?  They simply pull up beside your car, and while your back is turned, open your door and snatch your purse and are gone before you realize anything has happened.  So....lock your car ladies and be safe!!

- I have a couple of little grandsons in my life and I really think they would love something like THIS.  

- Mary Corbet has posted an interesting article giving great directions on how to frame your needlework and you can find that HERE.  

- If you would like to learn to quilt, there are some good (and free!) lessons to be found HERE.  

- My friend Renee has written an excellent how-to post on creating a crazy quilt block.  You can read that HERE.  She explains what to do when you think you've made an error with your piecing.  

Today your quote comes from Winnie The Pooh ( very wise bear indeed!)..."Promise me you'll always remember you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"


  1. Where I live you have to sit in your car while an attendant pumps gas! When I was traveling I kept waiting for attendants to run out and found I had to learn how to do it. Happy to get home! #sospoiled.

  2. Very nice postcard.
    When I pump gas I always take my keys and lock the doors.
    Great links too! :) I know a little girl who would also like the vehicle sewing project.

  3. Well dear. Am not any help at all with programs for color selections. Lovely fabric postcard. Fun links as always...especially the felt tote with cars fun. I LOVE Pooh and his wisdom.

  4. I wish I had advice for the color scheme. I have no idea, but look forward to hearing what you learn!

    Freda is such a sweetheart. I love your postcard! Beautiful.

    As for the warning, there was a similar scam in a nearby town. It was a team of thieves. A lady drove by while someone was loading groceries in their car and asked for directions. While the shopper gave directions, the male partner swiped the purse out of the front seat. He left it near the entrance to the store and left the cell phone and wallet in the purse, hoping the victim would not notice anything was missing. However, he took the credit cards and went to a nearby Target to buy gift cards with the stolen credit cards. It's so sad.

    We have a container with the boys' Hot Wheels in it in our attic. (I could not part with them.) I may have to make one of those felt car play mats someday. How fun!

    Thank you for the framing tutorial! I was actually just thinking I should look into something like that. (It is now saved to Pinterest for future reference.)

    What a surprise to see a link to my tutorial. Thank you. I hope it might be helpful.

    And you shared one of my favorite Winnie the Pooh quotes! :)

  5. I can't help with the colour generator software being of the 'technically challenged' type! I hope you find something I am sure it is out there. That postcard is simply adorable! Sound advice about locking the car! Christine x

  6. Someone is going to recommend a color scheme program. I have several bookmarked, but never have used them so you probably have seen them in your search. Thanks for today's links.
    xx, Carol

  7. There is one that I've used before where you can upload your picture. It's at a site called Play Crafts. You upload your image and you can get a colour selection in Moda plains. There are others but I think this one is very straight forward to use.

  8. Freda's card is gorgeous and WOWEE on it going through the mail without any harm!
    Love the Pooh quote very much too.

  9. A colour generator sounds interesting - hadn't heard of one. Will be interested in seeing how you use it. Love the postcard!

  10. yay for Freda!!! She's a star :)


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