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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Number 11

Finished the 11th postcard this afternoon.
Eight more to go!

One of the blogs I enjoy reading is 'Apple Apricot' and today she has a really thought-provoking and interesting post about copyright and Pinterest.  How many of us are guilty of pinning away without giving any thought to whether what we're pinning has been properly attributed to the original creator?  Have you found pictures of YOUR work appearing without due credit?  I know I have.  I don't get bent out of shape about it, but if I do happen upon some of my work that isn't attributed to me, I like to leave a tactful comment thanking them for liking my work well enough to pin it.  To date, every time I've done that, the pinner has been most apologetic and immediately rectified it.  I find being nice tends to work - there's no sense in wading in with guns a-blazin' because chances are the pinner has been entirely innocent and just simply isn't aware.  Now, having said that, and having read Wen's post today, I will be checking my pins and if I can't find the originator I will be removing them from my boards - or, as Wen suggests, make my boards private so that the things I pin are for my own reference and therefore not perpetuating the problem.  I suggest you go and read her post and give it some thought.

Today your quote, very fittingly, is from Bangambiki Habyarimana.... "Don't copy, get inspired"


  1. Having my work pinned and not attributed is what caused me to learn to watermark my online artwork. Doesn't stop theft, but at least it's clear where the work originated. I agree a lot of it is ignorance, so I don't go after the culprits. If they steal and pin watermarked work, it shows the originating blog so people can go there and enjoy if thy want to.

  2. Very interesting point Mary Anne.... I will have to check some of my pins... I have never given it a thought before. You tend to assume that if the pins have been pinned already they have been properly accredited. Another great postcard! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  3. Interesting - I try to be diligent about pinning.....but I'll go back and take another look to make sure I'm giving credit where credit is due. Beautiful postcard, BTW ;0)

  4. Copyright rules can be very confusing and intimidating with lots of conflicting information on the Internet. I like your style of being nice to those who infringe. I know I have never checked out pins before repinning them. Just enjoying what I see and I have no ulterior motives. Beautiful day today...

  5. I just caught up with all your gorgeous postcards.What little treasures.

  6. Oh, interesting about the pins. I pin stuff for inspiration and ideas but if we make something we buy the pattern or check out the tutorial and give the credit. One lady we contacted as she made a super quilt - easy - and she didn't do a pattern just a tutorial but was very happy for us to make it. How would we make sure the pins are credited? It's true I often see a pin pinned on lots of pinners sites I haven't given it a thought too much except when we want to make something and look for where it originates. Wouldn't like to do it wrong. Sometimes too pinterest have sent me a email to say they have deleted a pin I pinned, so maybe that person complained. It's tricky.

  7. it doesn't matter what your end piece is going to be are always encrusting, embellishing to the n'th degree in such a beautiful way.


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