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Monday, May 30, 2016

Alas, no stitching...but....the reveal!

Not one single stitch today.  It was one of THOSE days where commitments, jobs and mundane things like (dare I say it) housework and balancing the cheque book take precedence over the fun things like stitching.  Tomorrow I'll be away all day, so it will be another sad day - I will be suffering from withdrawals I know!


- This one is for the knitters.  Are you like me and end up casting on too tightly and then having to wrestle with your first row of stitches?  Perhaps you might find the suggestion HERE to be useful.  Such a simple thing, but it might just be the answer.

- If you like sheep, there's a cute free cross stitch pattern HERE (it's a PDF).

- There's a sweet cross stitch needle book pattern (but could be used for other things as well) HERE.  And if you go to THIS link you can scroll down and find a whole raft of cute free patterns.

- I've been seeing a number of crocheted mandalas in my travels about the internet and I thought THIS   and  THIS   were intriguing,  and THIS is absolutely spectacular (please click through to see the originator of this one)!!  

Oh, and you're all so curious about what that mysterious 'thing' was I posted about on Friday?  Well, I hate to tell you that you are likely going to be sadly disappointed when you find out, but hopefully there will be a little grandson who is turning two in a few days who might be happy!  

That 'thing' you saw turned into this!

Which will go along with this, to make a happy little pirate!  Or at least I hope it will!

Today the quote is from Lauryn Hill...."Let me be patient, let me be kind.  Make me unselfish, without being blind.  I may have faith to make mountains fall, but if I lack love then I am nothing at all"


  1. Love the hat (that was going to be my next guess *wink) and the quote.

  2. This is such a cute Pirate outfit. Arrrgh Matey...Do I need to walk the plank?

  3. "Shiver me timber bones"'s a pirate hat! Love it and the cool pirate outfit. Your grandson is going to be a happy li'l pirate!

  4. Yay! A coolio pirate suit! Awesome!

  5. Lol - adorable pirate suit 😃 I'll be out of town Thursday through Sunday.....major stitching withdrawal therapy must be applied next week - HA!

  6. Who'd a thunk it! A pirate hat!! What a cute idea for a little one. I used to make tutu and other such thingsfor my daughter to wear when she played. This is a cool idea for a little boy. He'll love it.

  7. What a great costume Mary Anne! I am sure that your grandson will love it! Hope you get some stitching done soon.... don't want you going 'cold turkey' on us! LOL! Christine x

  8. Ohhh, I should have know that. Funny how when our mind is geared in one direction for a while we overlook the obvious. I have made a few hats in my time and read up on tem quite a bit. Maybe your mold was what threw me off. But here is a is a tip to share, find a bowl close to the wearer of baseball caps and when you have wash the cap stretch it over the bowl to let it dry.
    You hat and costume is adorable and I'm sure will be worn out by continuous play. I don't think I would ever get rid of the hat. I would start collecting a few of the various hats he wears through the years for display.

  9. oh he's going to love this!! and how can he be two?????

  10. I hope you 'survive' your stitchless days - you'll enjoy it all even more when you get back to it

  11. He'll have so much fun playing pirate! Where's his eye patch, matey? lol


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