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Monday, May 23, 2016

Another postcard and (dare I say it) a bit of mumbling

Over the weekend I finished postcard #9...

...and now, for the mumblings....

- Sharon Boggon has been hard at work re-vamping and moving her amazing (and free, I might add!) embroidery stitch dictionary.  Sharon is one of the most giving people I know of and if you are searching for how to do a particular stitch, or even to learn some new ones, be sure to bookmark THIS.  (p.s. - better pour yourself a BIG cuppa before you go!!).

- If you happen to be interested in creating a cross stitch chart from a favourite picture, there's a free online program called Pic 2 Pat and there's an excellent review of it HERE.  

- Gerry Krueger is working on a crazy quilt lace cottage and explains her design process HERE.  

Today your quote is another great one from Ralph Waldo Emerson... "People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character"


  1. always enjoy your mumblings!!

  2. You always provide such wonderful links, Mary Anne...thank you. Postcard no. 9 is quite beautiful.

  3. Are the postcards part of an exchange? You may have said this way back, and I missed it.

  4. Another lovely postcard - and thanks for the links!!

  5. Loving the purple! Checking the links.... ;-)

  6. You are getting through these postcards super fast Mary Anne and they are all looking great! Thank you for the links... it nice to have a look at what is going on! Christine x

  7. I love this one with the beautiful flowers, so gorgeous! Beautiful purples. And your stitching is sublime. xx


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