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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Another postcard and a couple of little mumblings

Just to prove that there really has been a little stitching accomplished at Chez Magpie....

oops - there's a thread on the poor girls cheek!

I thought you might like to see the sweet little teddy bear patterns to be found HERE  and HERE.  Even better is that they're free!

Cyra has posted the next part of her stunning crocheted Mandala Madness project and you can drool over that HERE.  

I love these little birdies HERE - but wouldn't dare fill them with lavender or I couldn't breathe.  OR how about her sweet little kitty pattern?

Today the quote is from Claude Shannon....." We know the past, but cannot control it.  We control the future, but cannot know it"


  1. Lovely postcard, Mary Ann. Thanks for the links.

  2. Pretty stitching on your postcard Mary Anne! Isn't Cyra's crochet project fabulous?! Thank you for the link! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  3. your postcard is stunning. The Black on Blue is so romantic!
    xx, Carol

    Happy Weekend.

  4. Gorgeous postcard! I love these - isn't this a Harrison Fischer portrait? He was magnificent.

  5. Gorgeous stitching Mary Anne! Thanks for all these links!

  6. Cutie birds - look like they have lone ranger masks on. Are you allergic to lavender.

  7. Oh how pretty is this embroidery. I love, love, love the colours!

  8. Lovely postcard in my favorite color ♥
    I have seen some wonderful mandala crochet pieces on FB and the link you shared certainly is lovely too.

  9. the blue and silver work beautifully together...

  10. What a sweet surprise! I can honestly say it is even more exquisite in person. MA, you are entirely too kind. Thank you for this beauty. Sending huge hugs your way.


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