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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Asking for prayers

I don't know if the wildfire that's burning out of control in Alberta, Canada is common knowledge throughout the world.  At this point the town of Fort McMurray is being consumed by fire and surrounding communities are now in danger.  Over 1600 homes have been totally destroyed and over 80,000 people have had to least 85,000 hectares of land has been affected (and those numbers are rising as the wind keeps driving the fire ahead of it).  The fire is burning so hot that the crews are totally unable to stop it.  Lightning is creating yet more fires (18 new ones yesterday and seven of those are totally out of control).    A state of emergency has been declared and the rest of the country is sending help.

Photo shared on twitter by 'JustDave'

Please pray that the weather changes 
and please pray for the people of Fort McMurray 
and the exhausted emergency crews.


  1. I saw it on the BBC world news site yesterday. and a friend from Ireland mentioned it on twitter last night. Such wholesale devastation is mind-boggling. As is the successful evacuation of 80-plus thousands of residents.
    Hoping for rain and lots of it.

  2. I have just seen a report about this on our news here in the UK.... it looks dreadful... I do hope that they can get it under control soon. Sending prayers to all. Christine x

  3. Saw it on our news! Praying for rain and the fires to be put up.

  4. I heard about it on the news in Perth, Australia.
    What awful devastation, hoping the rain comes down and helps put out the fires.
    Poor firefighters too!

  5. Our news has been carrying the news of it daily. The western and south western parts of our country have these wildfires too, but I don't think I have seen any as horrendous as what is happening in Alberta. Praying for rain and for the winds to subside.
    xx, Carol

  6. I have been watching the news. Such devastation. Worsening conditions expected for today with the high winds, dry conditions, and lack of rain. My heart goes out to everyone who had to evacuate, and to the service people trying to cope with it all. Prayers sent up to keep everyone safe.

  7. We've been following the news and feel so badly. I hope they can get the fires under control soon..

  8. I'm adding my prayers too. I'm adding God to prepare hearts to send help, monetary and physical when this devastation is done.

  9. Frightening devastation in those fires. We have followed them on World News. I have been praying and yet the fires keep exploding. This is a lot like California last year and so very scary. May the fires stop and may everyone be safe. Thinking of you dear Mary Anne.

  10. Yes, my heart and prayers go out to everyone in that area for safety and rain to come and put the fire out.

  11. We were reading some details about that this morning and were surprised to find that even after the experiences at Yellowstone years ago that this area was continuing to use old fire suppression techniques (over controlled burns). Apparently several people have been raising the alarm about this risk for several years. It's really sad.


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