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Friday, May 27, 2016

And now - for something a little different

To relieve a little of the boredom over seeing yet another postcard (and, more to the point, my not having any to show you today!), I thought I'd post a picture of a mystery project I'm working on.  

Now, what do you suppose this might be when it's done?

Today your quote is from Neil Armstrong.... "Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand"


  1. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Hmmm..... a cover for something? A top to something?
    Very intriguing!
    Maureen S

  2. A Darth Vader mask?

  3. the heck out of me....a pin cushion?

  4. Well
    You are going to cover that bowl
    You are going to stitch on that fabric
    You are determining where to cut the fabric for it

    this is going to be interesting.
    xx, Carol

  5. Ok, I give. Hope you don't make us wait too long.

  6. Very interesting Mary Anne..... can't wait to see what you do with this! Christine x

  7. You are going to do a magic trick! Pull a rabbit out of the bowl? Poor in some ingredients and uncover a decorated cake?

    Making a stiffened fabric bowl?

  8. Intriguing! Can't wait to find out!
    Barbara xx

  9. umm..are you trying to get the fabric in that shape?Curious,very very curious...

  10. Are you making one of those fabric bowl with stiffner?

  11. I don't care what the mystery object is, I just love your banner!

  12. I confess....I am a little puzzled. =)


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