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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Alas, no stitching, so guess what?

Never mind, I can hear you all chorusing 'mumblings,... again'?

Or maybe you'd like to learn about raindrop cakes - and how to make them?  Go HERE for the how to.  Don't know what a raindrop cake is?....
Image from Chopstick Chronicles

And finally, your quote for today...."To keep your marriage loving cup brimming, whenever you are wrong, admit it;  when you are right, shut up"


  1. Oh my, so much inspiration!! I've put creating on hold for awhile until we sell this house and move into the new one and it's about to kill me! (I do have a crochet afghan going) I let my daughter borrow my sewing machine to make some chair cushions so that's keeping me from starting any big projects. I could do a few of those plastic canvas coasters, though!! ;) Zenda

  2. Great 'Mumblings' today Mary Anne! I particularly liked looking at the tiny embroidered animals.... they were delightful and so exquisitely stitched! The raindrop cake was fun too! I had never heard of them! Christine x

  3. Great links. Thanks for the Maxine to jump start my day!!
    xx, Carol

  4. Love the true:)

  5. Your work is extraordinary! So glad I stopped by.

  6. Raindrop cake? I gotta check that out! Thanks.

  7. Happy Raindrop cake. I went to See's candy and bought some almond truffles.
    Pretty delicious.

  8. Ha... ha... love the joke! I always enjoy your mumblings you know.


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