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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Progress & 'Teers

I have accomplished another little section on my summer pillow cover, which you can see here...

Yesterday was our monthly CQTeers meeting and we had been challenged last month by Irene  to 'do something' with the hats she gave us.  It's always fun to see what the three of us manage to come up with and this challenge was no exception.

Here is Irene (who issued the challenge)
modeling her chic cloche...

and here is Sue, looking ever
so spring-like in her creation...

and I, being a rebel, HAD to
do something radically different...

I never wear a hat (unless it's frigid cold and I might be 
convinced to find a toque and put it on).  I removed the
stiffening in the brim and then wondered what I 
could use it for.  Some embroidery was added
and it became a plant holder.  

Hmmm.....not quite what Irene intended perhaps?

For those who might be curious, the basic hats we
were given all looked like the base in Sue's creation.

Here's another of the entries from my mothers' autograph book; this one dated Feb 27, 1939...

Many are sure in this book to write,
perhaps words of love to thee indite,
but for loving wishes for future bliss,
sure none will beat the writer of this.


  1. Thanks for the cool pix! Especially of my sis looking elegant.

  2. I love your sand castle addition. Your use of your hat was quite inventive!

  3. HI MA
    Well, we certainly can see you think outside the this case brim!! Cool idea.
    Have a great weekend
    xx, Carol

  4. What a fun challenge and I love your 'outside the box' thinking! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

  5. Hee....hee.....a hat pot - well I have never seen one of those before. How cool!

  6. I think you can say you got away with that one, when it comes to the hat challenge. The cloche looked fabulous.
    I love the sandcastle addition to your pillow. What will you add next?

  7. A perfect! I do love the way your mind thinks. =)

  8. Who else would have thought of that!
    You are so very inventive MA.

  9. How creative! That is a great use for a hat!

  10. Being a "rebel"and uber creative has resulted in a lovely "hat" planter. Very clever of you.

  11. Hello - fellow rebel, I love your hat planter, such a creative thinker, you will go far..... Umm maybe to Australia today?! :)
    Have fun
    Wren x


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